Translation of inclusive in Spanish:


global, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈklusɪv//ɪnˈkluːsɪv/


  • 1

    (charge/price) global
    (price/charge) todo incluido
    to be inclusive of sth incluir algo
    • that's inclusive of transport eso incluye el transporte
    • all prices are inclusive of VAT todos los precios son con el IVA incluido
    • Fully inclusive prices including flights, transfers, full board and diving start at £1350.
    • As this is is an inclusive service, the fee also covers the procurements of gifts to the happy couple.
    • The inclusive price entitles you to a discounted drink on your next visit.
    • The fully inclusive price is 885 per person, and a single room supplement 132.
    • The inclusive price is 500 baht and seconds will be offered to all.
    • ‘Your Plan’, as it's called, offers a variety of options including inclusive call time minutes and access to information services.
    • A trip to Medjugorie ex Knock will take place from the 12th to the 19th of June for the fully inclusive price of €539.
    • A family package (2 adults plus one child) is priced at 188 inclusive with a gift for the child. 50 yuan for each additional child.
    • This set menu has an inclusive price of £18.95 for two courses, £21.95 for three.
    • If you need a new interior roof lining, too, the price rises to £725 all inclusive.
    • Centrino bundles based on older Pentium Ms, models 735 through to 770 inclusive, saw their prices cut by 30.8 per cent.
    • Although the cost of such an exclusive safari might seem prohibitive, it is worth pointing out that everything - from wine, beer and spirits to the daily laundry service - is inclusive.
    • Prices are all inclusive, with a grandstand seat to watch the on track action, entrance into the paddock to get closer to the cars and drivers and access to the main stage to watch the Blue concert.
    • A temporary Cambodian visa is arranged by the travel company at the inclusive price.
    • Expect a day's inclusive hire to start at £25, with a week from £84.
    • Given that all inclusive prices start at around €60,000 for what are very well finished properties, it is easy to see why the development is generating a lot of interest abroad.
    • I insisted that I would require an inclusive quotation for the complete circumference of the building.
    • Costing €555 all inclusive it is expected that there will be great demand for seats, so it would be advisable to make reservations as soon as possible.
    • The fee may be either an all inclusive flat rate or a fee for each service received (consultations, diagnostic tests, medicines dispensed, etc).
    • There is a great demand for ‘mini movers,’ those companies that offer the same inclusive services for very small relocations.
  • 2British

    (including dates, figures mentioned)
    (after noun) inclusive
    from the 23rd to the 27th inclusive del 23 al 27, ambos inclusive
    • The offer is available until mid-December and is limited from Sundays to Thursdays inclusive.