Translation of incomplete in Spanish:


incompleto, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnkəmˈpliːt//ˌɪnkəmˈplit/


  • 1

    (with sth or sb missing)
    (collection/set) incompleto
    the meal would be incomplete without dessert no sería una comida completa sin un postre
    • We are witnessing a compelling, but necessarily incomplete, account of what went on.
    • Exceptions are evidence that the explanation is wrong somehow, or incomplete.
    • It frequently has to make its assessment on the basis of fragmented, incomplete and confused information.
    • Without the confidence to become what he is meant to be, a man remains incomplete.
    • It is necessarily too anecdotal and incomplete with respect to the immigrant experience for that.
    • For this reason, every history of the Second World War is necessarily fractured and incomplete.
    • Yet although Katz's book is necessarily incomplete in what it can cover, it lives up to its goals remarkably well.
    • If you're looking for someone to complete you, then by definition, you're incomplete.
    • He felt incomplete and therefore wants a more complete experience at the other bookend of his enjoyable Rangers career.
    • The reader too draws back and shares his incomplete understanding along with his respect for his mother.
    • Yet anyone who has any knowledge of international law will know that it is an incomplete and an imperfect system.
    • Another tells of the time when she saw a large and promising box under the tree, only to find it was an incomplete set of BhS glass tumblers.
    • There were no records for clients who moved in and out of the hostels and documents about residents' purses were incomplete.
    • The skeptics argue that the vision of freedom embodied in the rights tradition is for this reason partial and incomplete.
    • He has received incomplete relief of this symptom despite appropriate conventional medication.
    • This is where I realized that my childhood, and indeed my life so far, has been woefully incomplete.
    • This resulted in some partial or incomplete responses relative to these issues.
    • A motion of adjournment was passed, on the ground that those voting by proxy had done so with incomplete information.
    • I think if I didn't have any I'd make them up, otherwise my life would feel incomplete.
    • A man's life, we are told, is incomplete unless and until he has tasted love, poverty and war.
  • 2

    sin terminar
    to be left incomplete quedar inconcluso / inacabado / sin terminar
    • That the problems continue shows incomplete and inadequate system planning and implementation.
    • He is finishing his father's incomplete story The Lizard of Oz, according to the New York Times.
    • This is useful when there is a need to comment on a shoddy or incomplete job or task.
    • Please provide us with a final account for work done adjusted to take account of defective and incomplete work.
    • My answer is mumbled and incomplete and leaves me and my questioner unsatisfied.
  • 3

    (in US football)
    (pass) incompleto