Translation of incongruous in Spanish:


fuera de lugar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnˈkɑŋɡruəs//ɪnˈkɒŋɡrʊəs/


  • 1

    (behavior/remark) fuera de lugar
    (remark/behavior) inapropiado
    (appearance) extraño
    (appearance) raro
    • The single pair of golden strappy high-heels nestling amongst my numerous black shoes does not look incongruous.
    • The kitsch-Latino soundtrack is similarly apt and incongruous all at once.
    • It looks surprising and incongruous and somehow very British.
    • Emma's miniskirt formed an incongruous addition to this parade of shapeless sack dresses, zip off trousers and sandals.
    • And when drivers queue to allow a family of geese to amble across, it is one of those incongruous scenes which can only make you smile.
    • The result is a place which is rather incongruous, with only a small town centre surrounded by large numbers of houses.
    • It was an incongruous mix: York drinkers, tourists and a movie crew, some from London and others from Los Angeles.
    • The early tone of the picture is strangely incongruous with the horrifying turn of events at the end.
    • Pan-fried foie gras followed swiftly, served with roasted fresh figs and a rather incongruous glass of Sauternes.
    • Critics argue the park itself is incongruous in a country where around half the population of 130m lives below the poverty line.
    • So we have some jangly guitar songs with a dancefloor four four beat, some incongruous soft rock and then some straightforward house.
    • When I read over it today it seemed utterly incongruous with my current frame of mind - a ranty tantrum almost.
    • In the dream, his waking life seemed unreal and incongruous.
    • Having lived among it in its homeland though, US culture suddenly seems strangely incongruous here.
    • Blackmore performs in a sartorial nightmare of clashing colours and incongruous items of clothing.
    • The presence of Hollywood in this remote refugee camp seems incongruous.
    • The spaghetti western mood was slightly dampened by an incongruous collection of artesania stalls in the square.
    • Such a scenario appears incongruous, if not abhorrent, to many.
    • In the end it was a victory for both the small punter and the world's leading book-maker, a slightly incongruous alliance.
    • But this was all a tad incongruous in the surroundings of what looked like a converted garage.