Translation of inconsiderate in Spanish:


desconsiderado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnkənˈsɪd(ə)rət//ɪnkənˈsɪd(ə)rət/


  • 1

    (attitude/person/comment) desconsiderado
    it was very inconsiderate of her fue una gran falta de consideración de su parte
    • to be inconsiderate of sb/sth no tener consideración para con algn/algo
    • This is seen to be inconsiderate and to some staff/guests, rude.
    • In the fight against apathy, inconsiderate behaviour and disrespect, let's try to remember manners don't cost a thing.
    • It was very rude and inconsiderate to assume such a thing about a person's parent.
    • Residents in the area are also annoyed at the disruption being caused by what they consider to be inconsiderate motorists.
    • On weekends you will also find that there are uncaring and inconsiderate drivers who do not observe speed limits and rules of the road.
    • It's truly incredible how inconsiderate some people can be.
    • An evil inconsiderate action for which I was immediately admonished by everyone in my family.
    • I think it's rude and it's inconsiderate - especially if you're meeting in a public place.
    • It seems very uncaring and inconsiderate when you think how upsetting this whole thing is for the teachers and children.
    • Why does Matt treat me like this uncaring inconsiderate soul all the time?
    • Stealing a coat during the coldest weather in local history is as inconsiderate as it gets, even if you were drunk!
    • People are so inconsiderate, especially on Friday evenings.
    • Brighton has the shops and the crowds, but not the hassle of impolite, inconsiderate and downright ignorant London shoppers.
    • Also, there are inconsiderate golfers who tend to walk ahead or pass by others immediately after executing their shot.
    • Play the songs so loud that it is inconsiderate to my neighbours.
    • Most of these accidents are caused by inconsiderate, selfish people who don't even insure their cars, and we are left to pay the bill.
    • As though you really are the most inconsiderate people to ever live in the rental across from my home.
    • They argue much of what we believe to be left-overs from inconsiderate chewers are lichens, the most primitive form of plant life.
    • What inconsiderate idiot designed this standard resume form, anyhow?
    • No one thought that was very funny, if anything it was immature and inconsiderate.