Translation of inconspicuous in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnkənˈspɪkjʊəs//ˌɪnkənˈspɪkjuəs/


  • 1

    (object/person) que no llama la atención
    (object/person) que pasa desapercibido
    (object/person) que pasa inadvertido
    (gesture) discreto
    (gesture) que no llama la atención
    he tried to make himself inconspicuous trató de pasar desapercibido / inadvertido
    • They had clearly tried to be inconspicuous, arriving in an unmarked white van with the legend Bell Mate Coffee.
    • When they are raising young or robbing nests, they are very quiet and inconspicuous.
    • When I start a temp job I try and remain inconspicuous, keeping quiet in the corner and not drawing too much attention to myself.
    • Sitting towards the back of the hall was an inconspicuous, balding, bespectacled man with a slight stammer.
    • Butterwort is a relatively inconspicuous plant, which makes its home on wet heaths, bogs and mountain ledges.
    • The security tag, which is usually inconspicuous, is removed by the showroom wardens only prior to delivery.
    • By day, he is an inconspicuous odd job man in his forties.
    • The things that affect the viewer most are often inconspicuous, undramatic.
    • She wanted an inconspicuous house close to Dublin city centre.
    • Place small dishes of the bait in inconspicuous spots around the home.
    • As long as a pupil is quiet, inconspicuous and conformist, everything is fine.
    • The young man drove until he reached an inconspicuous building near the center of the town.
    • It's hard to be inconspicuous when you are driving a car that advertises your recent nuptials.
    • Like its grifter characters, it's only as flashy as it needs to be and knows the value of being inconspicuous.
    • If they really wanted us to be inconspicuous why don't they have us wear all black like the set changers at the theater?
    • It is imperative to have a foot patrol which is a very efficient way of controlling inconspicuous poaching activities.
    • But the easy music and inconspicuous action is made jarring by the fact that the man is naked.
    • In order to be inconspicuous and not arouse the attention of any Socialists, I've asked you to attend in disguise this month.
    • Were white rhinestone suits the most inconspicuous garments to wear?
    • You get to observe so much when you are travelling through random towns as an inconspicuous anonymous nobody.