Translation of incontrovertible in Spanish:


incontrovertible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnkɒntrəˈvəːtɪb(ə)l//ˌɪnkɑntrəˈvərdəb(ə)l/



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    • I thought I was in a position to provide incontrovertible evidence of whatever transpired.
    • That incontrovertible body of evidence should prove conclusively that I have nothing at all to say and, as such, am the most boring writer in Australia.
    • Be relentless, as the evidence is objective and incontrovertible.
    • Although people may interpret such a document differently, they agree that it is an invariant object, and may accept it as incontrovertible evidence in a court of law.
    • This must be established by incontrovertible evidence like his sire's birth certificate or baptismal records.
    • But the evidence for cannibalism seems incontrovertible.
    • If you're unlucky, remember the golden rule: in the face of incontrovertible evidence, deny everything.
    • Here was hard, incontrovertible evidence of a ‘new and more formidable threat’.
    • The defense hoped to find incontrovertible evidence clearing Davis of her daughter's murder.
    • The evidence becomes incontrovertible, leading the story to its logical denouement.
    • These cases of radiation sickness may, unfortunately, be irreversible and incontrovertible evidence of that.
    • This would be mere speculation on their part, however, in view of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.
    • One of my commenters below has sent this picture, incontrovertible evidence that it wasn't a goal, after all.
    • In this regard, the evidence of objects is incontrovertible and often fundamentally subversive.
    • And even a cursory knowledge of American history provides incontrovertible evidence of its falsehood.
    • But one remark in this festival stood out - clear and incontrovertible.
    • Preachers are allowed to rubbish incontrovertible evidence.
    • She is saying that the fact that the musicians did not appear on the terrorist watch list is incontrovertible proof that they are terrorists.
    • But his non-selection as a potential MSP was incontrovertible proof that he did not figure in the team's plans for the future.
    • Until there is incontrovertible proof that one choice is superior to the other, there is no clear right or wrong.