Translation of inconvertible in Spanish:


inconvertible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnkənˈvərdəb(ə)l//ɪnkənˈvəːtɪb(ə)l/


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    (banknote/currency) inconvertible
    • Externally inconvertible currencies may be of rather limited value to their holder.
    • During part of the period, the United States was on an effective gold standard, during part, on an inconvertible paper standard with floating exchange rates, during part, on a managed paper standard with fixed exchange rates.
    • Thus, the choice between commodity and inconvertible paper is that between determined or undetermined exchange value of the money.
    • Surely, there is no precedent for this period's confident adoption of a regime of inconvertible and unregulated money and Credit.
    • From the 1820s to the 1860s, the state was mainly financed by issues of inconvertible paper currency.
    • The historian Sumner added that they had the effect of driving specie from circulation, creating a currency of inconvertible and depreciated paper, and fueling a business cycle of boom and bust.
    • It is not so, however, with an inconvertible currency.
    • This, most regrettably, has gone much beyond a precarious domestic Credit scheme and a foray into inconvertible currencies.
    • Thus, the Bank of England's suspension, known as the English Bank Restriction, set the pernicious example that inconvertible bank notes were as ‘good as gold,’ and furnished an abundant sea on which to float bonds.
    • It is a dominant, but inconvertible, currency.
    • For example, Russia was the first country to decimalize its currency and the third country (after China and France) ‘to make sustained use of inconvertible paper money.’
    • Nevertheless, he and his secretary of the treasury, took the decision to declare the dollar inconvertible and disrupt the international monetary system.
    • He wished to emphasize that governmental issue of inconvertible paper money in effect was taxation.
    • Helleiner says that earlier experiences with inconvertible money, which were seen as leading to inflation and periodic crises, added strength to the liberal advocacy of goldconvertible currencies and disciplined monetary policies.
    • And if, at the same time, it can be used so that, in Argentina, we can establish a sovereign, inconvertible, distinct currency.
    • The economics profession is a fiat phenomenon in the same sense as inconvertible paper money.
    • But if they are uncovered, then they will affect the demand for metallic money whether they are convertible or inconvertible.
    • In summation, the Americans were suffering the natural aftereffects of a long war financed by debt and inflation, and exacerbated by the continuing circulation of inconvertible paper currency.
    • The assurance of payment of inconvertible bonds shall comply with the provisions of Article 24 of this Decree.
    • Columbia's civil war began in 1885 leading to the issue of inconvertible paper.