Translation of incredible in Spanish:


increíble, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈkrɛdɪb(ə)l//ɪnˈkrɛdəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (not believable, extraordinary)
    (excuse/story/coincidence) increíble
    it was incredible that nobody was killed fue increíble que nadie resultara muerto
    • incredible though it may seem aunque parezca mentira
    • Brazil's use of the adjectival f-word is so impressive that it seems incredible that he was able to suppress it on air.
    • But it is the way he frames that opposing suggestion which is utterly incredible.
    • Probably over the last four seasons they have been stronger, so to do what we did last year was an incredible feat.
    • Many of the events that take place seem implausible, even at times incredible.
    • It's incredible to believe that one as wealthy as he could ever have fallen so far.
    • A measure of the incredible sensitivity of this issue is the fact that no-one wants to talk about it.
    • He had an incredible run of terrific stories and we intend to keep the momentum.
    • What made the feat even more incredible is that he scored the hole in one on the ninth and he was playing the third at the time.
    • They're ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances, taking on incredible odds.
    • For a start, an incredible two million people have apparently applied for tickets to the Jubilee concerts.
    • What is even more puzzling is the set of beliefs that seems to go hand in hand with this incredible condescension.
    • Singh shows incredible control and discretion in the handling of this difficult material.
    • The story of the Unknown Warrior is one of extraordinary bravery and incredible sacrifice.
    • The final, incredible twist was that it was the younger boy who had invented these characters and instigated his own murder.
    • From here on my wicker chair it seems incredible that just short decades ago this garden was a dust-bowl, a sterile desert.
    • I have the impression a digicam without rechargeable batteries might be an incredible pain.
    • His portraits are incredible feats of mastery and the hardest of his constant commissions.
    • My son sleeps in the room at the front and the heat in there was absolutely incredible - it was the most terrifying moment of my life.
    • You won't believe the incredible thing that happened to me the other day.
    • The crowd goes crazy the whole night, and the atmosphere is amazing - it's incredible what a change of venue can do.
    • Well, yes, Anne, this is another extraordinary twist in this most incredible episode.
    • So incredible did this appear, that we could hardly believe our eyes when we saw it.
    • The information I have received is so incredible that I have difficulty believing it.
    • This would be an incredible feat of consistent top class riding and he will undoubtedly be the man to beat.
  • 2informal

    • I find myself playing it and relaxing to the incredible sensations of mood in the music.
    • Burchill met his cross with a superb header but the keeper defied him with an incredible one-handed save.
    • Fuchs uses incredible speed and excellent defensive skills to pass many serves and dig a lot of attacks.
    • People don't know that much about him, except that he makes incredible music.
    • During the return flight, he said there was an incredible sensation of speed.
    • His unknown assailant had taken him down with superb speed and incredible timing.
    • The play encourages us to wonder about an incredible aspect of our history.
    • The monk starts telling a story about a man who has an incredible experience with magic and love.
    • It's a wonderful idea to do this incredible and strange show around such pictures.
    • If you've never opened up a Lush parcel, you're definitely missing out on an incredible smell sensation.
    • He was an excellent speaker with an incredible medical background.
    • I've had the chance to do so many wonderful things, visit so many incredible places.
    • Some people can go out when it's two or three feet and your first ride is pretty incredible.
    • The Host Town Programme is wonderful and the efforts of all involved have been incredible.
    • Being in such close contact with wild animals has also been an incredible source of wonder.
    • Food: hot dogs and burgers, crêpes, wonderful fruit and antipasti, incredible cheeses.
    • He gets an incredible thrill from cooking and becomes quite animated while talking about it.
    • I would never have thought I could climb such formidable mountains, so it was an incredible thrill to be able to do it.
    • It's a fabulous place to live - incredible weather, great people, brilliant nightlife.
    • My fabulous, incredible brother from another mother has a stunningly beautiful wife.
  • 3informal