Translation of incredulity in Spanish:


incredulidad, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnkrəˈdjuːləti//ˌɪnkrəˈd(j)ulədi/


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    incredulidad feminine
    • At present I mainly gaze upon it with a sense of incredulity and delight.
    • Mitchell returned my look of incredulity with one of her own.
    • Even at the time this pledge was made, the reaction was one of scepticism and incredulity.
    • Unlike many Americans, whose immediate response was incredulity, he says he knew instinctively that it was a deliberate act.
    • The press just gaped with their jaws open and tongue hanging out in utter incredulity.
    • Then, to his horror, and no doubt incredulity, a dozen or so crabs appear and march toward him.
    • We are excused by ignorance or incredulity no more than by neglect.
    • The idea was greeted with incredulity by people questioned by the Today programme near a crash hotspot in north London.
    • The expression on her face caught between amusement and utter incredulity.
    • It provides the answer to a question they asked me with genuine incredulity.
    • Now, I'm sure that many readers' hair is standing on end with incredulity.
    • A brief glimpse of his story and it is easy to understand his incredulity.
    • This time, the looks Em and Mona exchanged were one and the same: utter incredulity.
    • When it is propagated by a petroleum company, suspicion turns to incredulity.
    • I read five paragraphs with incredulity and mounting horror.
    • The best way I can describe my reaction is some mix of puzzlement and incredulity.
    • Hawke persisted in it, despite a high level of incredulity, bordering on ridicule, in the media.
    • Her expression is usually one of barely concealed incredulity.
    • Athlete tests positive, athlete feigns disbelief and incredulity and throws questions in every direction.
    • The incredulity displayed is akin to watching a piano-playing chicken bang out Rachmaninoff.