Translation of indebted in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪnˈdɛtɪd//ɪnˈdɛdəd/


  • 1

    (owing gratitude)
    to be indebted to sb ( for sth) estar en deuda con algn ( por algo)
    • I am indebted to you for all you have done estoy en deuda contigo por todo lo que has hecho
    • he is greatly indebted to Renoir le debe mucho a Renoir
    • The government and all citizens are indebted to them for their service.
    • Ballina Athletic Club are indebted to the many businesses of the town who provide sponsorship and spot prizes.
    • The fire service were also on the scene swiftly and we are indebted to them for their actions.
    • I personally will remain indebted to her for some of the most wonderful and memorable shows I have seen in Egypt.
    • Mountmellick is especially indebted to Stephen for his help and encouragement in getting the branch set up.
    • Rural North Yorkshire is also indebted to the Rylstone gang, for demonstrating that there is more to the place than sheep and steam trains.
    • I am indebted here to Somi Kim for lending me her copy, the only one I have ever seen.
    • I am highly indebted to more than 150 young students who have given me honest and open account of their life.
    • For this post I am indebted to Barbara of Winos and Foodies who, a while back, wrote a post about how simple it is to make English Muffins.
    • The students enjoyed the tour and are indebted to their teachers for their efforts in making it a reality
    • Further, I do feel that I am indebted to my country for providing me with a good primary and secondary education.
    • For these details I am indebted to the Manchester Astronomical Society's historian, Kevin Kilburn.
    • You all have given me really good advice in the past, and I'm indebted to you.
    • As we talk I discover that I am in fact deeply indebted to him.
    • I am indebted to three of these crisis clubs for giving me an excellent, if slightly surreal, grounding in football management.
    • An entire battalion of Scotsmen should feel indebted to him.
    • What this means is that if someone was very good to him and did him some favours, he would be indebted to them for life.
    • I am forever indebted to you for the help you gave me, and it would appear that many others appreciate your dedication to this beautiful area too.
    • She has extended a lot of courtesies to me, and I feel somewhat indebted.
    • I genuinely mean that - I am indebted to the team here for putting up with my pet hates and musings every week.
    • Australians have never been as heavily indebted as they are now.
    • The residents of the area said he had committed suicide as he was heavily indebted and was finding it difficult to repay his loans.
    • Several farmers explained that as they become more indebted they have to turn to private traders and money lenders.
    • Meanwhile, indebted countries are left with few resources and little choice.
    • This does not cover countries like Nigeria, which is among the most indebted, but owes the money to private lenders.
    • This communication sets out the Community's contribution to the world debt relief initiative for highly indebted poor countries.
    • The confidence of America's heavily indebted consumers is at a 13-year low.
    • If the recent Central Bank report is anything to go by it is this younger group that is most heavily in debt in an increasingly indebted population.
    • Are Americans really the heavily indebted spendthrifts the world's press makes them out to be?
    • Their perennial threats to disconnect indebted clients, high bills and water shortages have seen to that.
    • The indebted Bassanio needs to marry Portia for money as much as for love.
    • So we asked ourselves: What would happen to the people if the state were to become so indebted it lost its power to protect?
    • Indian farmers are often indebted and credit constrained and do not have access to chemicals at the right point in time.
    • Many were heavily indebted even before the disaster and have no money to re-establish themselves.
    • It will be the first time the heavily indebted company has acknowledged the regulatory concerns over its financial plight.
    • Second, we have been in a heavily indebted situation for more than 30 years.
    • Over time there has been an important shift in financing for highly indebted poor countries, away from private and bilateral nonconcessional sources to the International Development Association and other sources of multilateral concessional financing.
    • They said it would be unlikely that indebted companies will continue purchasing dollars at a very high rate.
    • The company is still among Malaysia's biggest, and it's also heavily indebted.
    • Practically all of them were heavily indebted, and many peasants had no money to pay taxes.
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    (owing money)