Translation of indecency in Spanish:


indecencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnˈdisənsi//ɪnˈdiːsnsi/


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    indecencia feminine
    • It seems to us that the suggestion that there should be separate trials of the rape and indecency charges in the present case was simply unrealistic.
    • His defence was a complete denial of any indecency.
    • He talks about the need to bring indecency laws that now cover broadcast TV to make sure they cover cable TV as well.
    • His celebratory streak ended with arrest by police for indecency.
    • Through our bad parenting, which sets wrong examples, we have institutionalized insensitivity and indecency and made them virtues.
    • Now, in terms of the broadcast indecency standard here, we are talking about viewpoints, opinions on various subjects.
    • Does this display run afoul of public indecency laws?
    • In 1967, he was convicted of gross indecency by Weymouth magistrates.
    • Keith was convicted of five gross indecency and three indecent assault charges at Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday.
    • The reason that some senators want indecency to stay on the air is because they themselves are indecent.
    • In a few videotaped moments, the yobs commit at least three offences: public indecency, trespass and burglary.
    • That case, in combination with the more recent controversy, shows why it's time to get rid of broadcast indecency law forever.
    • In the light of this provision, we do not accept that H has grounds for contesting the element of indecency in his conviction.
    • The charges against them include public indecency, inappropriate behaviour, behaviour to the detriment of military discipline and assault.
    • The case concerned a headmaster who was charged with gross indecency.
    • Congress is looking at reforming indecency laws to be much tougher on transgressors.
    • Ward will be charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour, public indecency and public intoxication at the Calgary courthouse on Monday.
    • The term gross indecency was not statutorily defined and was to be given meaning by courts on the particular facts of each case.
    • The commission has proposed no indecency fines during his five months in the chair.
    • It was unclear exactly how he would go about further criminalizing the indecency statutes.