Translation of indecent exposure in Spanish:

indecent exposure

delito de exhibicionismo, n.


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    delito de exhibicionismo masculine
    exhibicionismo masculine
    • Mr McIntee revealed that Sweeney had previous convictions for indecent exposure and gross indecency.
    • The story was that while I was out of town, Robin got caught on the beach with someone, they were arrested for indecent exposure and went to jail.
    • Wright notes that the charge of offensive behaviour usually applies to indecent exposure, drunkenness, and the like.
    • All he needs to do is get arrested for indecent exposure at a children's petting zoo and he'll have a regular hat-trick of accomplishments on his hands.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, indecent exposure, request for sexual favors, and comments about one's sexual orientation - all of which are forms of sexual harassment.
    • Offences under the Obscene Publications Acts 1959 and 1964, or offences such as indecent exposure or brothel-keeping may be regarded as causing harm in this sense apart from offending against morality.
    • Vic is arrested for indecent exposure in a store men's room.
    • There was a 23.1 per cent rise in other sexual crimes, including indecent exposure and more minor sexual assaults.
    • However, there are laws against indecent exposure - which requires proof of intent to insult a woman - or any behavior likely to cause ‘harassment, alarm or distress.’
    • Dionysus, cider-sodden, dances for change in the subway and gets periodically arrested for indecent exposure, a shadow of himself Zeus was ushered into a retirement home.
    • Police have received several reports of indecent exposure in or around that area of the River Ouse in York over the last few weeks.
    • Prosecutions in relation to some incidents of indecent exposure have been successful in the last number of months, but it is accepted that those prosecutions are in no way connected to the current spate of exposures.
    • She will also send out witness appeals for other crimes, such as indecent exposure or graffiti.
    • They were charged with indecent exposure, and the district attorney expects them to be fined and to serve periods of probation.
    • Nash also had at least one conviction for indecent exposure too, didn't he?
    • As Zack mentioned in his update yesterday, he was recently incarcerated for indecent exposure in a petting zoo.
    • Police will warn you and eventually arrest you for indecent exposure.
    • A charge of indecent exposure with intent to insult a female was withdrawn.
    • But he had originally been arrested for such crimes as drunkenness, indecent exposure, and carting nightsoil.
    • Breastfeeding isn't considered an act of indecent exposure, whether or not the nipple or areola is exposed during the feeding.