Translation of indemnity in Spanish:


indemnidad, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdɛmnɪti//ɪnˈdɛmnədi/


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    • 1.1Finance

      indemnidad feminine
      indemnity against sth indemnidad contra algo
      • Protection and indemnity insurance protects against third parties and environmental damage.
      • There is no certainty that the IHS will be awarded all the costs it incurs and it is adamant that it cannot take part in the tribunal if guarantees of indemnity are not given.
      • A policy of reinsurance is an agreement by way of complete or partial indemnity to the insurer.
      • As the accounts stated, the loss was due to claims under a policy written for the solicitors' indemnity fund and for bad debts on reinsurance recoveries.
      • That is, no claim other than the claims for indemnity under the insurance policies: in contemplation at the time of entering into the deed.

    • 1.2Finance

      indemnización feminine
      indemnity for sth indemnización por algo
      • Contractor's Pollution Liability as its name implies-provides indemnities for damages caused by the activities of a contractor.
      • The Chinese government ceded Hong Kong to Great Britain and paid an indemnity for lost and damaged property.
      • In addition to military restrictions, peace settlements imposed on those states defeated in war have normally entailed measures of economic recompense, in the form of indemnities and reparations.
      • The money, he said, was an indemnity from the Argentine government for jailing him during the last military regime.
      • This community was supposed to be regulated by balance, and that at least the major powers had a right to expect compensation and indemnities to maintain it.

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    inmunidad feminine
    • Typically directors will request indemnities from the company when they become involved in a claim or if they are successful in defending a claim made against them.
    • ‘Purchaser Warranties’ means the warranties, representations and indemnities made by, and the covenants and agreements of, the Purchaser in this Deed.
    • Even without the terms of a trust deed, an indemnity would arise, naturally, from the Trustee's office, Octavo Investments v Knight, for example.
    • The copyright owner provides no warranties or indemnities to the licencee, other than any that may be imposed by law.
    • The difference, however, is that the risk has not been excluded from the policy and therefore, we have always been providing an indemnity in respect of legal liability for such claims.