Translation of independent in Spanish:


independiente, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˌɪndəˈpɛndənt//ɪndɪˈpɛnd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(not part of larger group)

      (company/newspaper/candidate) independiente
      • These agencies were entrusted with independent legislative authority on a federal level.
      • The modern criminal-court system makes it very difficult for a grand jury to exercise any independent authority.
      • However, such a set-up calls for an independent authority to monitor the functioning of these institutions.
      • It recommended that the agency be subject to an independent review.
      • It's going to be - the judiciary system in this country is independent.
      • You can also get standard-rate tax relief if you pay service charges to local authorities and other independent contractors.
      • Outside controls or independent reviews could have provided such safeguards.
      • Is it time now for an outside independent commission to take a look at the intelligence, which apparently was faulty?
      • The Commission is an independent authority which aims to achieve dual goals of reconciliation and justice.
      • Well, we've got to retain our nuclear deterrent, and we've had an independent nuclear deterrent for a long time.
      • This committee should therefore be independent and have the authority to test out proposed rates by producers and monitor implementation.
      • The antennae had been installed following consultation with local authorities and assessment by independent safety consultants, and were safe.
      • There is an area that remains more or less independent of the control of the government.
      • The Lebanese people are the ones who want a country that is sovereign and independent and free from outside interference.
      • The statement is now available for a second time for people to comment on, and it will be subject to an independent examination later this year.
      • Action is required now to ensure the allocation of all Lottery money is independent and free from the control of politicians.
      • Without missing a beat, the Senator proposed an new independent authority to handle complaints.
      • The school, which has about 370 students, has been the subject of an independent inquiry.
      • An alternative is to become an independent contractor to the agency.

    • 1.2(not state-run)

      particular British
      privado British
      (sector) privado
      (radio/television) privado
      • Collaboration amongst educators across public, Catholic and independent schools is difficult to say the least.
      • He insisted independent schools from all faiths had a role to play in encouraging understanding of people from different backgrounds.
      • One academic says the proposal will increase the gap between State and independent schools to an alarming degree.
      • If you had a quota, you might actually say we will only make offers to 20% of independent school applicants.
      • What is on the screen will depend on whether the Council teams up with public space broadcasts or independent programmers.
      • A cheeky calendar starring boys from a posh independent school has won a group of girl pupils a business award.
      • Academies are independent schools funded by public money.
      • The borough's independent schools joined in the celebrations.
      • There are also independent schools which are boarding or day, senior or junior, rural or urban, large or small.
      • Head teachers at other independent schools said above-inflation fee hikes were necessary to meet a number of rising costs.
      • The bill would have introduced a public benefit test for independent schools ensuring they prove they offer a benefit to the public and not just fee-payers.
      • The overall pass rate this year for all schools, including both state and independent schools, was 69.6%.
      • The Department for Education and Skills said no formal approach had been made by the schools, but it was not government policy to fund independent schools.
      • So we will help parents and other groups establish a new generation of independent schools funded by the state.
      • The group also runs two independent schools and three private nurseries in Wakefield and Barnsley.
      • Nothing surprising there; with a higher per capita budget, independent schools of course do better on that score.
      • A new Charity Act will require independent schools to show they are meeting a public benefit test.
      • The selection procedure for independent schools is, for parents and children alike, a nerve-wracking experience.
      • There are more than 70 independent schools in Scotland - just under a quarter of which are in and around Edinburgh.
      • This could also be the reason why few pupils go from public schools to independent schools.

    • 1.3(disinterested)

      (survey/inquiry) independiente
      (witness/observer) imparcial
      (witness/observer) independiente
      • An independent investigation in to the Trust's waiting figures is now taking place, at the request of the government.
      • There will be no such thing as a completely independent investigation.
      • The ads should also be subject to independent oversight.
      • International law requires that every criminal court be competent, independent and impartial.
      • Providing minimal information which is not capable of independent verification should alert you that something may be wrong.
      • That is a perfect example of the philosophy of the office of the independent counsel in this investigation.
      • And the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also conducting an independent investigation.
      • He said the matter deserves an impartial, independent investigation.
      • Under such circumstances, how can one ensure a fair and independent investigation?
      • The sacking was for unspecified professional misconduct after an independent investigation into allegations that he had an affair with a patient.
      • In consequence, the judge is able to act, and to be seen to act, as an impartial and independent adjudicator.
      • The requirement that the tribunal should be independent and impartial is one that has long been recognised by English common law.
      • The administration is conducting an internal review, but momentum for an independent investigation is growing.
      • News and commentary have never been more interesting and diverse than they are today under the influence of independent media.
      • They falsely pretend to be impartial and independent, or patronisingly portray themselves to be the same as ordinary people.
      • Again, the service is independent, impartial and confidential.
      • The European Convention on Human Rights demands a fair trial before an independent and impartial tribunal.
      • This is the only way to ensure that the people of Taiwan receive fair, objective and independent perspectives.
      • No one will take seriously a body that is not seen to be independent and impartial.
      • Bacon was capable of offering independent advice and increasingly hostile towards Mary, queen of Scots.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (thinker/person) independiente
      (income) independiente
      (income) propio
      (income) personal
      a person of independent means una persona que dispone de rentas
      • I also did some independent reading también leí por cuenta propia
      • independent of sb/sth independiente de algn/algo
      • Not only were you beautiful but you were also smart, self-sufficient, independent and strong.
      • It can help children take their first steps towards being more independent and self reliant.
      • Like most Australian girls, I was intrigued by a man who could be so self reliant and independent in the bush.
      • I was now independent, and wasn't planning on depending on anyone for awhile.
      • Plus she is very much an independent, self sufficient woman, but also with a softer side!
      • Teenagers are forever pushing out their boundaries as they strive to be independent and self sufficient.
      • They did not claim to be victims; they presented as a rugged, stoical, independent, self-reliant yeomanry.
      • Clearly, she was an independent, self-sufficient child as only children often are, but she was imaginative too, and a great reader.
      • You think of yourself as independent, you want to be independent, but you depend on Alex more than anyone.
      • She was fiercely independent and very self sufficient and I got the idea that she didn't like being babied or fussed over by men.
      • Neddy was a very independent person who lived life quietly in Ballingarry.
      • Self-reliant and independent, they do not necessarily take pride in their local community.
      • Due to this and various things in adult life I have a real aversion to depending on people, not being independent.
      • From about the early 1880s he had independent income and so he devoted himself to the problem of flight.
      • His father was a stonemason and architect who brought up his children to be independent and self reliant.
      • It's hard to go from a very, independent woman to depending on others.
      • It is partly due to his weaknesses that I became independent and self-reliant.
      • Because I wanted her to be independent and not to have to depend on some man for her living…
      • To most people, Teddy often came off as far more independent and self-sufficient than most other boys his age.
      • They are remarkably independent and self reliant and this is what drives me mad!
      • They are also a form of social policy that has the objective of making people more independent and thus self-reliant.

    • 2.2Politics

      (country/state) independiente
      Senegal became independent in 1960 Senegal obtuvo la independencia / se independizó en 1960
      • He's promoted and encouraged the idea of distinct Taiwanese identity and said his country is already independent.
      • Half of them prefer party nominees to independent candidates.
      • So now we have voter apathy across the board, adversely affecting both parties, and independent candidates fared worse.
      • Instead of listening to other political parties and to independent experts he consistently and viciously denigrated all opposition.
      • When the matter went to Parliament, all political parties supported an independent Complaints Commission.
      • Now it is all different, of course, and we are an independent country.
      • There are also minor party and independent candidates in many ridings, who generally deserve far more consideration than they receive.
      • Support for independent candidates and smaller parties has also risen, but in the locals rather than the Euro elections.
      • The statue was erected in 1962 to welcome foreign visitors to the then young independent country.
      • The few independent candidates with political potential are quickly recruited by the parties.
      • In 1948 the island, then an independent country, voted in a referendum to become the 10th province of Canada.
      • His concept can be used in meeting just demands of a people in their own independent country if the rulers fail in their duty.
      • Kazakhstan is now an independent country, but for decades it was part of the Soviet Union.
      • Democracy presupposes independent political parties and an electorate willing to debate issues and vote accordingly.
      • The six-country tour will also underpin the fact that the island is a sovereign, independent country, he said.
      • I don't think we are ready to govern an independent country.
      • Many of the states were too small or awkwardly located to survive as independent countries.
      • Lenin did not invent the concept of the party or of the independent political organization of the working class.
      • This campaign exposed the ballot access barriers that confront all third party and independent candidates.
      • Its founding in 1906 represented the first step by British workers towards their own independent political party.
      • They strive to be independent from political parties and openly battle government-controlled organizations.
      • Working people can defend their interests only through the establishment of their own independent political party.
      • Life's getting harder in this so-called independent country, let alone for people in the low-income bracket like me.
      • Please let's change and be people with brave hearts and forget all about violence against any particular sex in this independent country.
      • Once the Soviet Union broke apart, Kazakhstan became an independent country.
      • Australia doesn't even need to be a republic to be a proud, confident and independent country.
      • The great weakness of the American workers movement historically has been its inability to establish an independent political party.
      • Those two seats went to candidates from little-known independent parties.
      • The British government officially recognised Madagascar as an independent country in 1820.
      • Bangladesh later separated from Pakistan and East Timor which at the time was a Portuguese colony but is now an independent country.
      • If New Zealand is to develop as a fully independent country we must give all our people equal access to justice, and not just a privileged few.
      • Taiwan is clearly an independent country with its own sovereignty.
      • He promised to continue ignoring the fact that Cuba is an independent country, not a US colony.
      • However, ward councillors can either join a new political party or become independent councillors.
      • In time, this should improve the prospects of third parties and independent candidates.
      • The time has come for the American working class to begin the arduous task of constructing an independent political party.
      • In 1962, Jamaica became an independent country after 300 years of British rule.
      • How can you be proud of being an independent country if the government is unable to improve its citizens' welfare?
      • The remaining 8 seats were clinched by splinter parties or independent candidates.
      • It demands the building of a new independent political party.

  • 3

    (separate, unrelated)
    by independent routes por distintos caminos
    • to be independent of sth ser independiente de algo
    • independent clause oración independiente


  • 1

    candidato independiente masculine
    candidata independiente feminine
    (masculine and feminine) independiente
  • 2US


    votante no afiliado a un partido mayoritario

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    compañía independiente feminine