Translation of indeterminable in Spanish:


indeterminable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪndɪˈtəːmɪnəb(ə)l//ˌɪndəˈtərmənəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • The road to extinction may be of indeterminable length, but the final destination of that road is not in doubt.
    • It seemed that somehow, amidst the reminiscing, the laughs, and an indeterminable amount of liquor, he and Jessie had fallen asleep.
    • Cal's new doctor was a tall Indian of indeterminable age, anywhere from late twenties to equally late forties.
    • Thereafter, the reader penetrates further and further into a disturbing labyrinth of changing or indeterminable gender.
    • Susan's expression went indeterminable, then she wiped her hands on the apron she was wearing, took it off and walked over to Emily, giving her a big compassionate hug.
    • He sneered and began to chant an indeterminable language.
    • For an indeterminable length of time, she wandered between sleep and semi-wakefulness, later remembering the noise of the plane once and then silence.
    • Her eyes were focussed on an indeterminable spot somewhere to the right of her.
    • We're eating burgers, pizzas, kebabs, sweeties, pies, crisps and assorted pre-packaged pap of indeterminable origin.
    • The case is subject to the Revenue Commissioners appeal procedure and as a result the timing of any outcome is indeterminable,’ the accounts say.
    • Clean shaven and bald, save for a jet black goatee upon his chin, his age was nearly indeterminable.
    • A black haze parts in the middle of the composition, offering a view of indeterminable distance vibrating with yellow, orange and light blue.
    • Why not get it done to save all concerned an indeterminable, indefensible amount of time, money and credibility?
    • I slept badly that night: long, indeterminable periods of uneasy wakefulness interspaced with dreams.
    • The dark corridor made the distances indeterminable.
    • After an indeterminable period of frantic slipping and sliding, I called out to a youthful gray haired man who was walking firmly up the hill for help.
    • It was a day where the sky was not quite blue, but more a shade of indeterminable grey, with few clouds scattered around like cotton wool stuck on a painting.
    • It's these tiniest details - the uneasy click of indeterminable percussion, the distant half-heard rumble of thunder from a distance - that make this music so worth hearing.
    • A girl of indeterminable age stood behind her, a grin on her face.
    • The room was of indeterminable size, and directly in front of him lay an altar, looking as if it were fifty feet away-regardless, he was able to reach it in three steps.