Translation of indeterminate in Spanish:


indeterminado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪndɪˈtəːmɪnət//ˌɪndəˈtərmənət/


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    • All those dark, placeless landscapes and stringy, demented characters of indeterminate sex are straight from a Freudian case study.
    • But I'm aware as I write this that these are the same things I write whenever I'm sick - and that this cycle of indeterminate abdominal trouble is much the same as January's.
    • Locals exercising their dogs of indeterminate breed (all hill dogs look handsome with their husky-like fur coats) acknowledged our presence with warm smiles.
    • It believes that a circular spaceship carrying 1,500 smaller ships filled with bombs will at some indeterminate point destroy both Britain and America.
    • He specialized in what I'll call Mulberry Street people - indeterminate ethnicity, but certainly not spindly WASPs or gesticulating Levantines.
    • An adequate account of boredom, then, must explain in one sense that only something indeterminate is lacking.
    • The taxi driver was of indeterminate national origin and quizzed me as to what I did for a living.
    • The removalists are due at 7am, and at my joint some indeterminate time later to move the piano and the rest of my worldly goods for the third time in 12 months.
    • She was a ruddy-faced, cheerful blonde of indeterminate age.
    • ‘Well, at least this bit is as it should be,’ Graham said, pointing with a half-eaten croissant at a sour-faced lady of indeterminate years, stomping along the pavement.
    • Luminous veils of white and yellow arise at the centers of her paintings, evoking indeterminate distance and establishing a mood of poetic reverie.
    • Whether mental illness is attributed to a hypothetical brain disease or to an ‘internal dysfunction’ of indeterminate origin, the moral implications are the same.
    • As the argument proceeds, social reality, seen as fragmented and indeterminate, is soon dissolved into ‘discourse’.
    • The serious looking female civil service type of indeterminate age who sat to my left was a model of discretion prior to Jack's appearance on stage.
    • She was wearing a coat of an indeterminate pinkish, orangeish, reddish colour that I will call ‘hot salmon’.
    • A zone can be anything: its spatial characteristics are indeterminate, adequate to absorb the contradictions of the Socialist market economy.
    • Unfortunately, the imported Italian color has faded to an indeterminate yellow.
    • ‘It also allows me to make what you might call indeterminate or minor little changes, modifications,’ he acknowledges.
    • He seems to be being asked to look at what industry might need at some indeterminate time in the future.
    • The parallel to Kafka is most appropriate here, but the ‘characters’ are as indeterminate as the landscape.