Translation of index-linked in Spanish:


indexado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnˌdɛksˈlɪŋ(k)t//ˌɪndɛksˈlɪnkt/



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    • I have a state pension but my husband has an index-linked pension.
    • I may be attracted to sickly people but most of my friends who work in the public sector suffer a mysterious illness and retire on full index-linked pensions at the first opportunity, normally 50.
    • Rents should be index-linked to inflation, a measure that would guarantee security for tenants and a reasonable return for landlords.
    • Public-sector pension payments are index-linked, so they will rise in line with inflation.
    • To disguise this with an offer of price index-linked coupons for the poor and cash transfers to the state in lieu of price subsidies is laughable.
    • The fourth issue for Irish corporates that provide index-linked pensions is the fact that in Ireland, inflation is running at about twice the European average.
    • Pensions are also a sticking point: clerical workers are insisting that pensions must be index-linked, and this should not be at the discretion of the trustees.
    • But, if they take medical retirement, they can expect to receive a substantially higher sum than would normally be the case as medical pensions are index-linked.
    • To avoid further reductions in effectiveness, the grant should be index-linked to the Department's own house price series.
    • Your pension is index-linked, courtesy of the society for whom you have created the inflation and on whom you have imposed the tax.
    • You have lost the right to an index-linked pension worth something like £20 a week in real terms - all because of a technical error that you could easily have put right had you realised earlier.
    • Maybe we won't have to work till we drop to pay all those index-linked public sector pensions.
    • Interest rates may be fixed, variable or index-linked to the rate of inflation, depending on which type of account you choose.
    • Their pensions are secure, index-linked, and paid for by taxpayers.
    • Last week the real yield on the 50-year index-linked gilt slumped to 0.57% - below that of an index-linked bond in deflationary Japan.
    • He was also in the vanguard of attempts to link unions to business with productivity bonuses for workers and index-linked wage increases and pension benefits.
    • Statements that people should work till they drop - coming after politicians raised their salaries and index-linked Civil Service pensions - smack of blatant hypocrisy.
    • This represents a difference of 79 per cent in the price farmers would receive if lamb price was index-linked.
    • I am a pensioner in a scheme that pays a flat, rather than an index-linked pension.
    • The sheer expense of funding pensions - especially of the index-linked variety to which public servants are entitled - is astronomical.