Translation of indicator in Spanish:


indicador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪndɪkeɪtə//ˈɪndəˌkeɪdər/


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    • 1.1(pointer)

      indicador masculine
      • Alex watched the screen, with speed and distance indicators relative to the Vision's position displayed at the bottom edge.
      • The boat also managed to use its emergency position indicator radio beacon.
      • He let two minutes go by, using the time indicator display in the view-finder.
      • Another idea is to install a traffic speed indicator which flashes when a vehicle is travelling too fast.
      • My last recollection was noting 120 mp/h on the air speed indicator, then I ploughed into trees.
      • Note that this board doesn't have a standby power indicator LED on it.
      • Pier head deflections were measured using digital dial indicators attached to a reference beam and connected to the data acquisition system.
      • By far the main thing I liked was the fan speed indicator and fan speed control.
      • If you prefer, you can switch to an artificial horizontal situation indicator screen, or split the screen and have both.
      • Surely something as simple as an electronic speed indicator, coupled with a 30 mph zone sign, would have effectively targeted the worst offenders.
      • During the mounting operation, a sensor reads injection information from an indicator device on the syringe and feeds it to an injector control.
      • Warning indicators and gauges told her she'd lost all hydraulics.
      • The ship's speed indicator jumped forward, as did the ship, leaving the dimmer-witted fighters behind.
      • I welcome the introduction of the smiley face speed indicators.
      • Other flight data, including landing gear position indicators and drag information, indicate that it is unlikely the left landing gear was deployed early.
      • An auxiliary contact may be added to a circuit breaker that can communicate an alarm condition to an LED indicator or process software.

    • 1.2(instrument)

      indicador masculine

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    Motor vehicles
    intermitente masculine
    direccional feminine Mexico Colombia
    señalizador (de viraje) masculine Chile
    • Vehicle Inspectorate mechanics checked each vehicle's lights, indicators, brakes, wheel nuts, steering, tyre pressure and general standard of maintenance.
    • Clumsy indicator / fog lights upset the purposeful, shark-like nose and bling-bling chrome filler cap allied with red brake callipers also look out of place.
    • Most obvious changes are the new rear light assemblies - with brake, reversing and indicator lights arranged neatly within a pair of larger tail-lamp units.
    • However, sharp eyes will see the revised front bumper where fog lights replace the indicators, which are now housed in the main headlight fairing.
    • CCTV footage showed the bus was stopped at a traffic stop with its indicator lights flashing.
    • Conventional car lighting has a number of elements - headlamps, indicators, brake lights - in set positions.
    • The car window was smashed, and the indicator lights were flashing.
    • The entire light cluster can be a rear light, a brake light or an indicator, and automatically adjusts in intensity and brightness to suit prevailing conditions.
    • The vehicle must also be registered with the DVLA and have lights, brakes and indicators.
    • Riders must also wear a helmet, and the scooter will need road tax, insurance, number plates, break lights, indicators and an MOT certificate.
    • The front light, indicators and windshield were also broken.
    • Everything is where you want it to be, except the windscreen wipers, and indicators are on the opposite sides from where they usually are.
    • In the end, the driver crawled along until he could get into a lay-by using only his indicator light for illumination, and used his own mobile to call the police.
    • The bike had no horn, indicators, no lights, no rear brakes, and hardly any front brakes.
    • Flashing direction indicators for motor vehicles, which will be legal in this country from Friday, were pioneered in Bradford, where they were fitted to some trolley-buses over a year ago.
    • And, as with some Asian cars, the indicator and windscreen wipers are reversed, which can cause no end of confusion at first,
    • Wander round to the back and the rear light clusters are designed to resemble the iris of an eye, with the sidelights, brake lights and indicators arranged in concentric circles.
    • Mirrors, indicator lights, the number-plate and tax disk are easy to remove and replace.
    • Teach your child how to spot what drivers are likely to do next, for example, the use of indicators and road signs.
    • This cluster would also feature normal orange indicators and white reversing lights but which cannot be seen within the red tail light cluster when not in operation.
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    indicador masculine
    leading economic indicators los indicadores económicos básicos
    • As many have noted, the state of a country's prisons is a telling indicator of its level of civilization.
    • Standardized achievement test scores are also used as an indicator of academic performance.
    • The presence of good satire is a fair indicator of the level of free speech you have.
    • They are a poor indicator of the level of district health board output, overall.
    • The results suggest that the frequency of publication of financial statements may be an indicator of economic performance.
    • Three of the ten indicators that make up the leading index increased in June.
    • We chose educational level as an indicator of socioeconomic status.
    • The most reliable scale is the Global Severity Index, an indicator of general stress level.
    • Airlines often act as a leading indicator of the general economic environment due to their high sensitivity to interest rates, energy prices and labor costs.
    • Educational levels of parents, a standard indicator of social and economic class, differ markedly for younger and older theological students.
    • Increases in the consumption of these products is less an indicator of level of development than kind of development.
    • A figure above 50 is an indicator of economic expansion and a figure below 50 indicates a contraction of the economy.
    • Furthermore, the jump in oil prices is reflected in the trade deficit - an indicator of the unsatisfactory level of competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy.
    • A key indicator of the high level of points being issued for the various offences is the fact that more than 7,000 drivers were issued with points last month alone.
    • So the unemployment rate is a leading indicator of both economic and political strength.
    • The stock market has long been seen as a leading indicator of economic growth.
    • The IQ tests are used in industry and are regarded as being an indicator of future performance in the office or lecture room.
    • Land holding in rural areas is a major indicator of economic status and social position.
    • Sperm morphology - its size and shape - is a significant indicator of fertility levels.
    • Generally speaking, the number of ads is a rough indicator of the economic dynamism of the surveyed country.
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    indicador masculine
    • Our fish tank kit came with a chemical indicator, bromothymol blue (BromoBlue).
    • Various brews can give you color indicators for the presence of double bonds, methyl ketones, aldehydes and the like.
    • This absence of correlation should warn against using CO temperature coefficients of chemical shifts as indicators of a hydrogen bond acceptor.
    • The color change in acid-base indicators is due to a chemical reaction between the indicator and the hydronium ions in the solution.
    • Trace elements and oxygen isotopes are useful geochemical indicators of the chemistry of the waters from which the chert precipitated.