Translation of indicator in Spanish:


indicador, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɪndɪkeɪtə//ˈɪndəˌkeɪdər/


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    • 1.1(pointer)

      indicador masculine
      • During the mounting operation, a sensor reads injection information from an indicator device on the syringe and feeds it to an injector control.
      • If you prefer, you can switch to an artificial horizontal situation indicator screen, or split the screen and have both.
      • Warning indicators and gauges told her she'd lost all hydraulics.
      • Alex watched the screen, with speed and distance indicators relative to the Vision's position displayed at the bottom edge.
      • Other flight data, including landing gear position indicators and drag information, indicate that it is unlikely the left landing gear was deployed early.
      • An auxiliary contact may be added to a circuit breaker that can communicate an alarm condition to an LED indicator or process software.
      • Surely something as simple as an electronic speed indicator, coupled with a 30 mph zone sign, would have effectively targeted the worst offenders.
      • Note that this board doesn't have a standby power indicator LED on it.
      • The ship's speed indicator jumped forward, as did the ship, leaving the dimmer-witted fighters behind.
      • He let two minutes go by, using the time indicator display in the view-finder.
      • Pier head deflections were measured using digital dial indicators attached to a reference beam and connected to the data acquisition system.
      • By far the main thing I liked was the fan speed indicator and fan speed control.
      • I welcome the introduction of the smiley face speed indicators.
      • My last recollection was noting 120 mp/h on the air speed indicator, then I ploughed into trees.
      • The boat also managed to use its emergency position indicator radio beacon.
      • Another idea is to install a traffic speed indicator which flashes when a vehicle is travelling too fast.

    • 1.2(instrument)

      indicador masculine

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    Motor vehicles
    intermitente masculine
    direccional feminine Mexico Colombia
    señalizador (de viraje) masculine Chile
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    indicador masculine
    leading economic indicators los indicadores económicos básicos
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    indicador masculine