Translation of indictment in Spanish:


acusación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʌɪtm(ə)nt//ɪnˈdaɪtmənt/


  • 1

    • 1.1Law

      acusación feminine
      to bring an indictment against sb formular cargos contra algn
      • He failed to secure an indictment for public nuisance from the county grand jury and was denied damage awards by two trial juries.
      • The appellant was charged on a separate indictment with criminal involvement in the two drug importations in April and May 1996.
      • Originally, it was intended that the charge should feature on and be tried at the same time as the indictment for murder.
      • They presented the indictment and brought the charges on behalf of the Commonwealth.
      • You will remember that the date on the indictment for the commencement of this alleged conspiracy is the date that appears on the rent book.
      • Under the agreement, the military is not obliged to turn over personnel accused of crimes until a formal indictment has been made.
      • What obstacle would there then have been to the presentation of an indictment for the extradition offence?

    • 1.2Law

      acusación feminine
      the indictment was read out to the accused se le leyeron los cargos al acusado

  • 2

    the report contained a damning indictment of his management el informe censuraba / criticaba duramente su gestión
    • the unemployment figures are a harsh indictment of their economic policies las cifras de desempleo constituyen una elocuente crítica de su política económica