Translation of individualism in Spanish:


individualismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪndəˈvɪdʒ(u)əˌlɪzəm//ɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊ(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


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    individualismo masculine
    • This odd little book weighs collective ideology against individualism, caricaturing both.
    • This, he felt, helped foster the importance placed on rugged individualism and independence that still imbues many discussions of southern values.
    • German history in the Middle Ages was strongly influenced by two opposing principles: universalism and individualism.
    • The philosophical roots of both individualism and collectivism are the same.
    • This is self evident, given his adherence to those great left wing principles; individualism, the free-market, starving workers and torture.
    • However, the belief in the reality of a mental substance was part of the rhetoric of the theory of individualism, not the discovery of that reality.
    • At the same time, the ideology of individualism, freedom and choice had been becoming increasingly prevalent.
    • Very little individualism and original thought.
    • Or is it also about a state of mind that is only possible because of Western individualism, egalitarianism, freedom of choice and civil institutions and rights?
    • I'm sure there is just as much individuality and individualism among black people as there is among Caucasians.
    • To win, the Left needs to discredit and defeat the very idea of capitalism, individualism, and personal freedom.
    • It attacks those who emphasise individualism and individual rights.
    • Moreover, industry research indicates that the youth market is looking for individualism - and finding it in denim.
    • The program teaches individualism, leadership, and self-confidence.
    • The common thread that binds Americans stems from their individualism, self-reliance, independence, courage to take risks and readiness to challenge the impossible.
    • One set of beliefs expresses the commitment of a democratic society to the liberal values of justice, individualism, egalitarianism and freedom of expression.
    • The authors identified individualism and communalism as the two core values in American society.
    • She considers her independence and individualism to be both positive and negative.
    • I'm really glad British individualism is now being cultivated more than ever before.
    • Actually there is a deep relationship between these apparently contradictory stances: individualistic nationalism and national individualism.
    • Futhermore, the scientific revolution was greatly influenced by the combination - and exaltation - of the principles of individualism and rationality.
    • What does a country built on headstrong individualism and the myth of self-reliance do with its people convinced that they know best?
    • And Scandinavians are almost 100% Protestant too - which fits with a spirit of independence and individualism.
    • This is a vital strategy for combating individualism and restoring social capital.
    • Authoritative parents respect children's individualism while insisting they meet reasonable requirements.
    • Under the heading ‘liberty’ the charter states: ‘We believe in individualism more than social determinism.’
    • Here we see Heidegger critically pointing the finger at Nietzsche for his radical individualism, which equated freedom with a solitude that denied our worldly contextuality.
    • Not a millimetre of individualism or personality was in evidence.
    • What about individualism, capitalism, democracy, scientific rationalism, technical inventiveness - the supposed special features of European value-systems?
    • Self-reliance and individualism can be made meaningful for all only by first reviving the power of collective action.
    • He will likely go from strength to strength as an independent MSP in a parliament where individualism is seen as a political virtue.
    • All the normal libertarian yakyak about individualism and personal responsibility was on display.
    • The virtues of individualism and self-reliance seemed compromised in a world of corporate power and urban throngs.
    • These can be tentatively related to their respective contexts: class in Britain versus American democracy; interest in the social whole versus individualism.
    • This movement is showing a sustainable and very concrete economic path based on principles of collectivism and not individualism.
    • Slim fits, cropped styles, kimono prints or cuts re-interpret individualism as eccentric.
    • The original Western nineteenth-century route to modernization was associated with laissez-faire capitalism, individualism, and democracy.