Translation of indolent in Spanish:


indolente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪndələnt//ˈɪnd(ə)l(ə)nt/



  • 1

    • As a teenager he was mature in the sense that he knew his way around town, but like all 15-year-olds he could be pretty indolent.
    • She was young, portionless, bad with money, indecisive, and indolent (so Thackeray thought).
    • They didn't want any competition in the lazy and indolent stakes.
    • But indolent border guards didn't bother to check on him - they just took his passport, stamped it, and let him leave.
    • He has perhaps been as determined to realize his odd project as his proudly indolent subject was determined to avoid exertion.
    • The workers are lazy indolent villains and the leaders are intelligent, hard working visionaries.
    • Family allowances were designed to make the poor self-reliant and independent not lazy and indolent.
    • It's not so much dreamy as it is lazy and indolent.
    • This has changed my perspective completely from thinking of non-voters as indolent to thinking that they're tactical, even-handed and pragmatic.
    • Like an indolent poet, boiling within, forceful outside, the drummer filled the hall.
    • This bushy, indolent fellow, who is built like a well-fed possum, hangs from a rail by his tail, and hooks into his favourite snack, a salami sandwich.
    • There, he says, he was basically indolent, though he did immerse himself in a new ‘hobby’ - making music by computer.
    • My sister, indolent and unimaginative as she was, had visions of endless touch-typing speed trials supervised by austere women under flickering striplights.
    • As an indolent student, I would leave the radio on all night.
    • ‘White trash’ are characterized as indolent, lazy, promiscuous, ignorant and incapable of bettering themselves.
    • Both Hitler and Churchill, on the other hand, had no time for exercise: Hitler was exceptionally indolent and didn't even like going for walks.
    • Nobody wants to appear indolent or indifferent.
    • The most indolent beings won't have any more reason to hesitate before setting off to find pleasures that will cost them neither money nor effort.