Translation of indoors in Spanish:


dentro, adv.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdɔːz//ɪnˈdɔrz/


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    adentro Latin America
    we were told to stay indoors nos dijeron que nos quedáramos (a)dentro / en casa
    • let's go indoors entremos
    • her indoors la patrona
    • You should go and watch them if the snow isn't keeping you indoors.
    • Because I am still off sick I feel duty bound to stay indoors all day and do nothing.
    • Never mind that if our building didn't crumble, we'd have to survive for weeks indoors.
    • Do you think you have been effective in getting the message out to stay indoors this time?
    • He punches spy holes in the wooden shutters so when he is indoors he can look out whether he is sitting or standing.
    • Dry cows and in-calf heifers will suffer no loss from a couple of weeks indoors.
    • He must now spend three weeks in a special isolation unit then five months indoors when he returns home to avoid risk of infection.
    • Whenever I'm indoors I always wait at the corner of corridors and peep round.
    • That need is greater than ever in a society which likes to keep children indoors, under supervision.
    • By staying indoors you are shutting out the elements that can help you lose weight.
    • They raided his home after he told officers that he had many other weapons indoors.
    • For most of them, these games at Perth were their first-ever matches indoors.
    • With the colder weather she moved indoors and blatantly smoked in front of us.
    • He then has to spend five months indoors to reduce the chances of infection.
    • Our house was freezing and my mother wore an overcoat and fur-lined boots indoors as well as out.
    • Seedlings too can been grown successfully in trays indoors and planted out at the end of March.
    • What with water problems indoors and the horrid wet weather outdoors, it's been a shut-in day once more.
    • Finally, bring a good book and a good cook and attempt to stay indoors that week.
    • I have to say that baseball caps in general and men wearing hats indoors are two things that do irritate me.
    • And suppose, being banged up indoors all day, they couldn't afford to pay the mortgage?