Translation of indubitable in Spanish:


indudable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈd(j)ubədəb(ə)l//ɪnˈdjuːbɪtəb(ə)l/



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    • This is evidently about an experience, an indubitable fact (that one may think a liar, but that has been brought into being nevertheless).
    • I look for the driver's expression in their rear-view mirror, but their windows are fitted with tinted glass that hides their indubitable, apoplectic rage.
    • Pius IX made his furious rejection of liberalism and national unification indubitable upon his return to Rome.
    • Aristotle thus does not argue that it is a necessary truth (that is, he does not try to prove the it); rather, he argues that it is indubitable.
    • I certainly do not yet concede that it actually exists, until this is proved to me by an indubitable argument.
    • All right, Callahan, as fun as this little debate is, it's far too early for me to doubt my existence when it clearly is indubitable.
    • If this is so, no judgement, however modest, is absolutely indubitable.
    • The story has many variants, but all of them reflect an indubitable truth - China-made toys are taking a great market share in global markets.
    • This faith in the indubitable certainty of mathematical proofs was sadly shaken around 1900 by the discovery of the antinomies or paradoxes of set theory.
    • One of the indubitable masterpieces of his later years is the pitiless Self-Portrait in a Dressing-Room Mirror.
    • This fact about induction, we are told, is the difficulty that makes science fall short of telling us indubitable truths about the world.
    • To me, the word ‘revolution’ means death, havoc, dogs of war, and a whole ton of stuff I'm not getting into unless you show me a big, indubitable reason.
    • Newton repudiated the Cartesian programme of deducing scientific laws from indubitable metaphysical principles.
    • According to Mill, many mathematical propositions are not even true at all, let alone necessarily true and indubitable, and let alone a priori knowable.
    • Also, the indubitable suffering of the many people who might be helped by stem cell therapy ought to weigh heavily in the complex moral equation.
    • War efforts are equated with indubitable patriotism.
    • They say he has used his indubitable oratorical powers to fire the blood of the mob, only to later run for cover, disavowing his responsibility for violence.
    • Meme theory strikes many as so obviously true as to be indubitable.