Translation of induction in Spanish:


introductorio, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʌkʃ(ə)n//ɪnˈdəkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(introduction)

      (training/course/period) (before noun) introductorio
      induction (into sth) iniciación (en algo) feminine
      • Their first week is likely to be made up of induction training in the mornings and gaining product knowledge on the shop floor in the afternoons.
      • When I arrived for induction, I saw only eight or 10 of the applicants with whom I had taken the test.
      • The CO said this year would see a focus on staff inductions, expectations and education, as well as team activities.
      • Workers from all sub-contractors go through site inductions and, most times, have to sign-in every day they are on site.
      • Introduction to the library starts during students' initial induction.
      • Mass recruitment, induction and education training for new members;
      • As job inductions go, the Lord Mayor's Show is certainly wide-ranging.
      • At their induction into a parish, priests are given what is called ‘real, actual and corporeal possession’ of a parish.

    • 1.2Religion

      instalación como párroco feminine
      his induction into the parish su instalación como párroco

    • 1.3US Military

      reclutamiento masculine
      conscripción feminine Latin America
      • A fair number of today's soldiers arrive at induction centers with only a basic knowledge of military traditions and of the Army's rich battle heritage.
      • I advanced rapidly and was a sergeant upon induction.
      • We've all heard of the American bootcamp experience for induction training in the army.
      • In military induction the conflict is much more subtle involving society's need for security and its need for ethics.
      • Some events that proceeded my ac actual induction in the Army are really a part of this story.
      • In the 1960s and early 1970s, inner city youth were targeted for induction into military service.
      • All other draft-age men should be subject to military induction.
      • I was classified 1A, which qualified me for induction into the US Army on February 20, 1951.
      • I had been driven down this highway on the way to my military induction ordeal.
      • I was still on military time from my induction to government service.
      • If not more uniform than early induction into the military, schooling is, mercifully, the more common experience.
      • Among the Zulu, King Shaka abolished initiation and substituted military induction for males.

  • 2

    • 2.1Medicine
      (of labor)

      inducción feminine
      • A recent study indicates that Cytotec labor inductions in women who have had a previous cesarean carry a 28-fold increase in the risk of uterine rupture.
      • Once the fetal demise was diagnosed, pregnancy was terminated by medical induction, such that the products of conception were largely delivered intact.
      • Labor is induced in up to 20 percent of pregnancies, and cervical ripening is required in about one half of inductions.
      • There seems to be a large percentage of inductions and Caesarian deliveries.
      • While in the US most women receive epidurals for pain relief in labor and many elect labor inductions, neither of these common procedures is evidence based.

    • 2.2Medicine
      (of hypnosis, sleep)

      inducción feminine
      provocación feminine
      • This applies not only to the initial induction of the two pollination regimes on plants, but also to subsequent field and greenhouse experiments.
      • Anthers subjected to stress conditions can become a target for embryo induction.
      • However, the induction of phycoerythrin under UV-B stress has also been reported.
      • In this respect it should be noted that induction of heat-shock proteins can also be triggered by stress factors other than heat.
      • In addition to their induction by hypoxic stress, they are also found in rapidly growing tissues such as root tips of germinating seeds.
      • Thus, no clear evidence for the induction of this promoter by these stress conditions was found.
      • His first hurdle was to devise a safe and effective method of seizure induction.
      • A chapter on Trance Inductions offers extensive transcripts of several forms of hypnotic inductions that will be useful to the reader new to hypnosis.
      • At 810 nm, on the other hand, the frequency of stress induction was much lower.
      • The induction of CAM is considered a stress response which maintains a positive carbon balance.

  • 3

    inducción feminine
    (motor/coil/relay) (before noun) de inducción
    • According to Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction, a changing magnetic field can induce electric current to flow in any conductive structure nearby.
    • In speaking of Newtonian mechanics, he praised it for bringing so much under so few hypotheses, and spoke of it as a ‘consilience of inductions.’
    • As this bobbin is such an excellent conductor, the change in the magnetic flux is opposed in the bobbin by the induction of an alternating current.
    • These assumed action at a distance and deduced the mathematical laws for induction of electric currents.
    • This yields low eddy current losses at high induction levels.