Translation of industrial in Spanish:


industrial, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdəstriəl//ɪnˈdʌstrɪəl/


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    (area/town) industrial
    (development/production/capacity) industrial
    (engineering/design/architecture) industrial
    (espionage) industrial
    industrial waste residuos industriales masculine
    • The death penalty has long isolated the United States among Western industrial nations.
    • In response to panicked calls from Western industrial nations, Saudi Arabia has told its OPEC partners it will increase its production by two million barrels a day.
    • They found a hefty supply of artists, as young as 16, dotted around the country, in Sofia, Plovdiv, failed industrial towns and the countryside.
    • Perhaps our economy is going to shift gears and we will become an industrial nation, an exporter of raw materials, an offshore financial haven.
    • Today meatpacking is one of the nation's lowest-paid industrial jobs, with one of the highest turnover rates.
    • And then, when the river was nearly sucked dry, they lined it with railroad tracks and freight yards and dumped industrial waste into its bed.
    • A disused coal mine shaft was used for decades to dump hundreds of tons of industrial waste.
    • There is talk of how Bilbao, a small industrial town on the North coast of Spain, through its Guggenheim Museum.
    • It will then just be for industrial waste and we will change the collections accordingly.
    • Britain was the first industrial nation, and as such moved away from a rural way of life prior to the rest of the world.
    • He was born in 1944, in the small industrial town of Soissons, France, approximately sixty miles north of Paris.
    • He spoke after the conclusion of the annual meeting of the Group of 20 industrial and developing nations near Beijing yesterday.
    • The Government has been arguing that it is this measure that will be the ultimate safeguard for citizens involved in peaceful protests and industrial strikes.
    • Born in 1963 in Setubal, an industrial town south of Lisbon, his earliest ambition was to be a footballer like his father.
    • But Australia's farming lobby says it fears the deal will allow some industrial nations to give only superficial access to their markets.
    • The latest sites contain illegally dumped material as diverse as animal waste from slaughter houses, household rubbish and potentially toxic industrial waste.
    • Accordingly in 1939 only the more developed industrial nations could hope to exercise any significant degree of air power.
    • The unemployment rate is the lowest among the Group of Seven major industrial nations.
    • I've often thought that if I launched a nationwide search for a new city to live in and I had to scratch my existing favorites off the list, I'd look for an industrial town.
    • It is an industrial waste product, not a medicine, more poisonous than lead and only slightly less than arsenic.
    • The nation's industrial heart, Ho Chi Minh City whacks the visitor like a sensorial avalanche.
    • Several factors can derail China from its present track of catching up with the industrial nations.
    • The other displays focus on the ecosystems of various water bodies by the agro-chemical waste, domestic waste, mining and stone crushing waste and industrial effluents.
    • We passed through the industrial town of Lázaro Cárdenas, where the legendary tube of Petacalco used to break, before they built a dam on the Rio Balsas.
    • Among them are the industrial town of Hamilton in Lanarkshire, Paisley in Renfrewshire, and the west coast port of Oban.
    • ‘All I had previously seen were TV images of a grey, industrial nation full of orphanages,’ he said.
    • Most of them lived in Crawley, an industrial town near London's Gatwick airport, and images from the scene were of relatively middle class existences.
    • The theme was the same when leaders of the G8 industrial nations met this past summer.
    • After all, if the wealthiest, advanced industrial nation can commit crimes, why should the rest of the world have to abide by human rights conventions?
    • From 1945, the town became a model socialist town, complete with industrial zones, living quarters named Friendship III, and statues of Lenin.
    • As we reported earlier, an official from the United Nations accused large industrial nations of being stingy with international aid.
    • In Siberia, industrial waste flows into Lake Baikal.
    • South Korea, Taiwan and now China have become substantial industrial nations.
    • The results were obvious, in a span of two years Karuvampalayam has become ‘cooler and greener’ amidst the scorching heat in the industrial town.
    • ‘White Flying’ is the phenomenon of the White population migrating from the erstwhile industrial towns to the suburbs where they get new jobs.
    • As the New Year approaches, the UK economy managed to avoid the global recession that has whipped the rest of the major industrial nations this year.
    • Being an industrial town, renowned for the innumerable small-scale industries, Coimbatore is no longer a place with old gadgets and age-old systems.
    • He encouraged dialogue between the wealthy industrial nations and the underdeveloped countries.
    • In a communique issued after a summit in Canada, the G8 industrial nations said Palestinians must adopt democracy.
    • A developing country generally spends less of its GDP on government than an industrial nation, because it can't afford to.
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    (alcohol) industrial
    (diamond) natural
    (diamond) industrial
    • Campus also distributes heating oil and industrial fuel.
    • In practice, these industrial laws are systematically designed to increase the atomisation - and thereby reduce the power - of working people.
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    (in employment)
    industrial injury lesión laboral feminine
    • industrial psychologist psicólogo industrial
    • industrial rehabilitation rehabilitación industrial
    • industrial unrest agitación entre los trabajadores