Translation of industrial dispute in Spanish:

industrial dispute

conflicto laboral, n.


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    conflicto laboral masculine
    • The first thing is that it is not strictly a dispute, in the sense that we have got an industrial dispute with an employer.
    • Firefighters in Greater Manchester have launched their latest industrial dispute - over a goatee beard.
    • The collapse of social partnership raises fears the country will face a wave of bitter industrial disputes as unions and individual employers clash over wage claims.
    • In all industrial disputes at least two parties are involved.
    • I fail to see the case for a big shake-up with labour markets working well and few industrial disputes, in the private sector at least.
    • ‘There are fewer days lost in industrial disputes under this Government then under the previous Conservative government,’ he said.
    • I presume they were not originally bought to cover industrial disputes, so it appears they are part of a national emergency support service.
    • It consists of 11 employees in an industrial dispute.
    • Work began on the original St John's in 1971 but it was not completed until 1981, due to one of the country's longest ever industrial disputes.
    • Electricians who staged one of the country's longest-running industrial disputes - and won celebrity backing - were unfairly sacked, a tribunal decided.
    • The rise, far in excess of the current 3% rate of inflation, dwarfs pay claims at the heart of several recent industrial disputes.
    • Not really surprising given that those making the news were reporting their own situation, but quite different to how industrial disputes are usually covered.
    • I know that employers are frustrated about industrial disputes and their potential impact upon production and export markets.
    • Many employers do appear prepared to go down the conciliatory path because the role of the employment lawyer in industrial disputes is changing.
    • East Lancashire firefighters were travelling to London today to discuss the industrial dispute with MPs.
    • 1985 saw the Wapping industrial disputes with the print unions while 1986 brought the Westland affair.
    • French strikers make a ‘lot of noise’ but the country loses relatively few hours to industrial disputes, she claimed.
    • It swallowed billions in state aid but its 150,000 workers were unhappy and often at the centre of industrial disputes.
    • The rubbish had not been cleared from the tip because the local authority had not wanted to aggravate an industrial dispute with its employees.
    • And the fuel protests were very different in nature from the industrial disputes that led to the toppling of Jim Callaghan's Labour government.