Translation of inedible in Spanish:


no comestible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnˈɛdəb(ə)l//ɪnˈɛdɪb(ə)l/


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    (impossible to eat)
    no comestible
    • Sadly, it was served with a dated garnish of kiwi, strawberry and orange, complete with inedible peel.
    • The grey city took you in its mouth and spat you out as inedible and you felt you had survived something that would kill a normal person.
    • Cook the asparagus in salted water; drain and cut away any inedible ends.
    • This time of year they seem only to last for a few hours before they are inedible.
    • The tightly bound tournedos of salmon adorned with candied lime was inedible - none of the flaky, moist delicateness that the fish is all about.
    • The vegetable dumplings, in contrast, were almost inedible, with a slimy exterior and no discernible flavour.
    • There are many inedible poisonous mushrooms out there to be mistaken for edible ones.
    • The poor things had been rendered totally inedible in a vat of tasteless oil.
    • Anything inedible is composted, along with any packaging which can no longer be reused.
    • But it proved inedible and they ended up going having to out for a meal at the Village Tavern.
    • Firstly they disguise egg white, that inedible devil's gloop, as the most delicious manna from heaven.
    • Fruit growing in gardens and fish from the local rivers are mutated and inedible.
    • I don't know if it was the beef or the noodles or both which were to blame, but my food wasn't very warm and was so oily it was virtually inedible.
    • With mountains of inedible packed lunches staring us in our bored little faces, something was bound to give.
    • I told the waiter there was only the most minute amount of meat on my lobster and it was inedible.
    • In 1740 during an intense frost, birds fell to the ground frozen in flight and rock-hard bread was inedible.
    • However, it proved to be possible, using only the parts discarded as inedible, to reconstruct ‘a very nearly perfect specimen’.
    • It smells delicious (if you can get past the scent of melted plastic, that is) and it's probably completely inedible.
    • The cold was harsh and some found the food inedible and spat it out over the parapet.
    • Sharing space with the sweet and sugary stuff will be all kinds of inedible things from consumer durables and garments to furniture and lifestyle products.
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