Translation of ineffable in Spanish:


inenarrable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛfəb(ə)l//ɪnˈɛfəb(ə)l/



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    inenarrable literary
    inefable literary
    • Even on a cloudy day the light beaming through the top of the dome seems to represent the ineffable visitation of divine beauty.
    • The visual impact of this film cannot be overstated; every shot captures a moment of ineffable beauty or unspeakable horror.
    • Or, as my Alaskan hiking partner puts it when confronted by a scene of ineffable beauty, ‘It's good to be alive.’
    • If (the scripture) had not used such words, how then could we have learnt of these ineffable mysteries?
    • Given the combination of ineffable beauty and extremely unpleasant sensations in my stomach and head, I would be quite content to die here.
    • In the final analysis we are left with the ineffable mystery of great music.
    • Direct spiritual experience, peak experience, enlightenment or whatever one may call it is usually ineffable and thus hard to describe and pass on.
    • This ‘philosophy’ replaces the ineffable mystery of God with the ineffable mystery of consciousness.
    • If ‘the world’ is something beyond all description, an ineffable thing-in-itself, no real answer to the question has been given.
    • How to convey in words my ineffable dreams that I have never told anyone about, that cannot be spoken about?
    • And for thirty years I missed the ineffable wonder cradled within that biblical imagery.
    • This historical disinterest has led to a theoretical inability to cope with concepts which people use to describe the ineffable experiences of being.
    • And we all went beyond this and found something ineffable… an experience of profound mystery.
    • Since each experience is personal and unique, it is ultimately ineffable; it can never be fully described or shared with anyone else.
    • Although Plato describes the Forms as ineffable, dialectical language enables their apprehension.
    • If truth is ineffable, beyond words, we can't determine whether it can be intuited.
    • The gesture was intended to show his friends and enemies the young man's ineffable beauty.
    • How is it possible to retain our fantasies about the ineffable and mysterious qualities of love under these circumstances?
    • It is hard to describe the arrogant majesty and ineffable magic of New York to Britons, who treat it, understandably, as just another city.
    • It also involves invoking a rich panoply of cognitive and affective associations, from mere calculation to ineffable beauty.