Translation of inefficient in Spanish:


ineficiente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnəˈfɪʃ(ə)nt//ɪnɪˈfɪʃ(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (machine/method) ineficiente
    (machine/method) poco eficiente
    they made inefficient use of their resources utilizaron sus recursos de manera poco eficiente
    • This he ascribed to two trends: declining productivity growth and the inefficient use of labour.
    • This free-for-all leads to the economically inefficient use of the resource.
    • But the force's intelligence system was so inefficient that the records were destroyed or lost.
    • Originally heralded as a saviour of the poor, he was increasingly seen as corrupt and inefficient.
    • His campaign is based on what he believes makes good government and he states that the current system is inefficient.
    • Fix deadlines, and if they are not met, punish and replace the lethargic and inefficient ones.
    • France, Canada and Russia have built power stations using the tide, but they are unwieldy and inefficient.
    • Buying an extended warranty each time you buy a household appliance is an inefficient way of insuring belongings.
    • Can public enterprises be reformed from within or are they intrinsically inefficient?
    • The accountants decided the accounts were inefficient, and persuaded the politicians to close them.
    • A fall in asset turnover is normally associated with an inefficient use of resources within a business.
    • It would negate the need to build these inefficient wind farms and put a stop to the despoiling of Scotland's landscapes!
    • Insiders blame it on inefficient and unplanned working culture on the campus.
    • Discussion is such a slow and inefficient mechanism for communication of concepts like this.
    • Indeed, it would be inefficient to waste time perfecting the literary value.
    • Does he not realise that the main reason most people don't use the bus is that they are slow, inconvenient and inefficient?
    • The more important point, however, is that ethnic discrimination is inefficient.
    • Procedures that were set up to expose and correct dishonesty were themselves blocked or shown to be inefficient.
    • They make very big, very inefficient barbecues which waste loads of charcoal.
    • The beleaguered and inefficient police service will not solve a minor crime much less for a major one.
  • 2

    (person/worker) ineficiente
    (worker/person) incompetente