Translation of inequitable in Spanish:


injusto, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛkwɪtəb(ə)l//ɪnˈɛkwədəb(ə)l/



  • 1

    no equitativo
    • Many ‘developing’ economies are either not developing at all or are becoming ever more inequitable.
    • This unit will also act as a central point to collect information to challenge unfair, inequitable and unjust practices.
    • And we don't need the mass conscription for combat that we had in World War II or the inequitable draft in Vietnam.
    • Ibec also points out that rates are applied in an inequitable manner, as only commercial enterprises are charged.
    • The situation is quite inequitable and causes Legal Aid to be yet another depressed and disappearing public service, only missed when gone or very hard to find.
    • In these days of globalisation, the global picture of women is most ignoble and inequitable.
    • Within this diminishing share, the distribution of wages has also become more inequitable.
    • EU nationals are among those not currently asked to declare criminal convictions, leaving the system open to complaints that it is inequitable.
    • It would be inequitable and inhumane to limit healthcare only to those who have a current or future economic benefit to society.
    • He said the NHS is inequitable in many ways, but that not everyone had access to excellence in health services, and he wanted that to change.
    • The more inaccessible our post-secondary education becomes, the more inequitable society will become.
    • The current rating system and its computation is both cumbersome and inequitable and we need to lobby for a change.
    • Civilisation as we know it today can only lead to an increasingly unjust, and inequitable, distribution of power across the globe.
    • It may well be that the working class first or most severely appreciates the inequitable nature of the world, but disregard for the law can become widespread.
    • I too have been very concerned since this Government took office at the increasingly inequitable treatment of the nations of Great Britain.
    • It's Hubbard's contention that eight nations are running the world in a shambolic, criminally inequitable way.
    • What we get instead is an inequitable health system and the widening of the class divide.
    • He says the tax system is both inequitable and inefficient.
    • When there is inequitable treatment, you get riots.
    • What specific elections have had inequitable results, and what is it about the way these elections are conducted that has gone wrong?