Translation of inertia reel in Spanish:

inertia reel

Pronunciation /ɪˈnərʃə ˌril///


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    inertia reel seatbelt cinturón de seguridad retráctil masculine
    • With the inertia reel belts used in cars nowadays, it is vital to ensure the belt is pulled very, very tightly around the seat to ensure it stays tight and the seat cannot wobble.
    • Six airbags, five 3-point inertia reel seatbelts, an energy absorbing side impact protection system, a ring of steel surrounding the car and high strength steel beams at front and rear are standard.
    • Further injuries resulted from harness webbing stretch, failure of harness inertia reels and what researchers term the human body's ‘jelly-like’ extrusion through harness restraints.
    • It was fitted with three inertia reel three-point (lap and diagonal) belts.
    • It was a modern inertia reel type of seat belt system.