Translation of inevitable in Spanish:


inevitable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛvɪtəb(ə)l//ɪnˈɛvɪdəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (certain, unavoidable)
    (result/outcome) inevitable
    all this points to one inevitable conclusion todo esto apunta indefectiblemente / inevitablemente a una conclusión
    • Deadly as the shoddy milk powder was, the tragedy was, nevertheless, not inevitable.
    • I would really prefer that people didn't see me as some sort of lunatic, although that is probably inevitable.
    • What is inevitable is that we will continue to grow here and invest here.
    • Cognitive decline with age is not inevitable, nor does it necessarily lead to dementia.
    • After a flying start to the campaign, it was probably inevitable there would be a City dip sooner or later.
    • Oil price rises would be inevitable, adding to industry's energy bill.
    • The results are averaged across the sample and so there is inevitable variation between the men.
    • Nothing in politics is inevitable, not if you fight it hard enough.
    • Yet he has a very short fuse, perhaps the inevitable result of coping with his blindness in such a pressurised job.
    • It is also probably inevitable that six geologists will not stay unanimous for very long.
    • Necessarily, failure by some is an inevitable part of the competitive process.
    • Nick could have been spoilt to bits by his inevitable affection for Kat, had she not been worth falling for.
    • The truth is that he lost all his credibility with the Lions in Australia; the end was almost inevitable from then on.
    • There was, however, an inevitable limit to how far this specialized Asia economic regime could develop.
    • He insists tax rises, while economically perilous, are inevitable.
    • Everybody is always trying to hide children from the horrors of life when it is inevitable that they will find them out in the near future.
    • Some licensees now warn that increased binge drinking will be the inevitable result.
    • While works are not a means of salvation, good works are the inevitable result of salvation.
    • It recognises that human error is inevitable and should be anticipated.
    • To their credit, they struggled on to the final whistle but the result was inevitable.
  • 2

    • Mind you, the hangover will probably have kicked into its inevitable Tired And Crabby phase by then.
    • A strong British navy was expected by the public, as was the inevitable naval victory.
    • There is no way of defending myself against the inevitable sense of nostalgia that descends in the weeks after Hogmanay.
    • During periods of economic boom, firms should look forward to the inevitable downturn which follows.
    • The rest are required to push themselves to the extreme of their ability, and injuries are the inevitable result.
    • It is the dreary, predictable and inevitable question, one to which we have become accustomed.
    • They have cited the disruption and policing costs that will result from the inevitable protests.
    • It's easy to guess the inevitable response because people are genuinely predictable.
    • I torment myself with the inevitable failure I'm going to experience writing about these people.


  • 1

    the inevitable lo inevitable
    • But after resisting the inevitable for so long, they had to opt for change.
    • But in the end, it appeared to be a final, desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable.
    • They put out such a defensive line-up, it was tempting to conclude that they had accepted the inevitable.
    • It takes courage and wisdom to make the best of an imperfect situation and accept the inevitable.
    • It was never quite clear what they were fighting for in that battle, to me, they just seemed to be staving off the inevitable.