Translation of infancy in Spanish:


primera infancia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnf(ə)nsi//ˈɪnfənsi/


  • 1

    primera infancia feminine
    from earliest infancy desde su más tierna infancia
    • this branch of science is still in its infancy esta rama de la ciencia está aún en pañales / en mantillas
    • Some have symptoms in infancy or early childhood of urinary tract infection or obstruction.
    • Her milk nourished him throughout his infancy and into his childhood.
    • To die in childhood or infancy is to be deprived of a natural life span; such a death makes one's life a stunted and unshapely affair.
    • Injury to the brain in infancy or early childhood can also cause cerebral palsy.
    • To make matters worse, all four of your children have died in infancy, and you can no longer find in yourself the will to meet your husband's physical needs.
    • There is a general preference for boys over girls, although in infancy and early childhood children of both sexes are treated with equal love and care.
    • The best time to correct it is during infancy or early childhood.
    • People are open to the greatest health risks during infancy and early childhood, and in Egypt and Nubia there was a high infant mortality rate.
    • Generally speaking, men's fathering behaviors do not center on an investment in childcare during infancy and early childhood.
    • Candidates with expertise in infancy and early childhood and in promoting positive mental health are especially welcome.
    • People learn to make visual sense of faces and other items of interest, often during infancy and early childhood but sometimes over much longer periods.
    • All their children died in infancy, perhaps from childhood infections so easily treated today.
    • Yesterday health professionals met in Dublin to examine the importance of iron in infancy and early childhood.
    • The thymus is a primary lymphoid organ in infancy and early childhood.
    • This is at its best in infancy and early childhood and is lost, as we get older.
    • Asthma commonly begins early in childhood, even in infancy.
    • In rural Bangladesh, for example, more girls than boys die during infancy and early childhood.
    • Ask parents to bring two photographs of their child, one from infancy or early childhood, and another that is more recent.
    • In general, I'd like to know about the early childhood, perhaps infancy, of all mathematicians.
    • These arrhythmias usually occur early in life during infancy or childhood.
  • 2

    minoría de edad feminine
    • Thus, in this case the court went behind a judgment obtained by default which was founded on a bill of exchange drawn by the debtor during his infancy.
    • This inability often arises from infancy, mental incapacity, or lack of access to counsel.
    • D will be liable where he has used another person to procure the commission of the offence and that person is not guilty of the offence due to, for example, infancy, lack of mens rea or insanity.
    • Some events may terminate infancy automatically, such as, marriage and employment outside the home.