Translation of infect in Spanish:


infectar, v.

Pronunciation: /ɪnˈfɛkt//ɪnˈfɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(cause disease in)

      (wound/cut) infectar
      (animal/person) contagiar
      your cold is infecting everybody in the office estás contagiándole el resfriado a toda la oficina
      • don't get too close, you might infect the baby no te acerques, que puedes contagiar al bebé
      • the wound was/became infected la herida estaba infectada/se infectó
      • to infect sb with sth contagiarle algo a algn
      • she infected her sisters with chickenpox les contagió la varicela a sus hermanas
      • he was infected with hepatitis contrajo hepatitis
      • they infected rats with the virus inocularon el virus a algunas ratas
      • A gene from a human pathogen is inserted into a bacterium that infects plants.
      • The success of a pathogen in infecting a host plant depends on how rapidly the plant recognizes the pathogen and activates appropriate defence reactions.
      • Write down which plants were infected with diseases and where the weeds grew most.
      • A bacteriophage is a virus that only infects bacteria, they don't infect any human tissue.
      • Mosquitoes that bite infected animals then bite humans typically transmit the disease.
      • If this is the only disease infecting the plant, leaves may not yellow and drop.
      • The researchers also showed cats can become infected with bird flu if they eat infected birds.
      • Invariably, new suckers carry the pests and diseases that have infected the parent plant.
      • A third example is foot-and-mouth disease, a highly infectious disease that infects cloven-hoofed animals.
      • The 28 deaths so far have been linked to close contact between infected birds and humans.
      • Children can get ringworm from touching infected animals such as dogs and cats.
      • Often, there is a mixing of genes from viruses that infect different species and this creates drastically different viruses.
      • In temperate regions, adult mosquitoes arise in the spring from developmental aquatic stages and infect birds; this cycle continues into early fall.
      • This tick borne spirochaete normally infects birds, small rodents, and red deer.
      • The infection occurs as the result of a bite from an infected flea or handling infected animals.
      • Crowding also reduces air circulation, allowing moisture to remain on plants long enough to allow fungal and bacterial pathogens to infect plants.
      • All it would take would be for that bird influenza virus and an influenza virus from humans to infect an animal or human at the same time.
      • Humans catch the disease though close contact with live infected birds.
      • Since then, West Nile virus has spread rapidly westward, infecting birds, humans and horses.
      • However, not all diseases have good animal models, and some pathogens will infect no other species but humans.

    • 1.2(contaminate)

      • It is transmitted through contaminated food, water and infected human faeces.
      • In either case, they'll die before they can infect food or water supplies.
      • Or does it become tainted by the violence that seeps through the cracks of the skeletal buildings and infects the air?
      • The crops never grew, the water became infected with disease, the creatures came out after dusk - it was dark times.
      • Using what little water he had in his traveling water, he cleaned out the wound before it was infected.
      • Once it enters a body of water, it spreads infecting the entire body of water.
      • Oh, and the guy who they burnt handily made it to the local reservoir, thereby infecting the local water supply.
      • Soil from your garden contains bacteria, noxious seeds, and possibly other harmful organisms that may infect your newly potted plants.
      • There's a good chance that the meat we use in the kitchen is infected with harmful bacteria such as campylobacter.
      • Somewhat reassured, the group try to settle down to enjoy the rest of their vacation, unaware that the diseased man's body is face down in the reservoir, infecting their water supply…
      • Without it I wouldn't know if the area became damaged or infected, leading to possible nasty complications.
      • These produce a less pungent smell than do the diverse organisms which infect many surface-ripened cheeses.
      • Are you ever tempted to cheat, to damage the landscape further, to poison it, infect it, before you take a photograph?
      • Almost every area of life is a potential terrorist target - with scare stories about the threat of a smallpox outbreak, and bioterrorists infecting food supplies and water reservoirs.
      • His straw follicles are infected, besides, like he's been standing in water.
      • But what are the poisons tainting our growth and infecting our sight?
      • Even infected farms may be able to carry out some crop operations, however, with the permission of the divisional veterinary manager.
      • It is contracted by inhaling tiny droplets from water infected with the legionella pneumonia bug.
      • Bilharzia is transmitted by bathing in water infected with bilharzia larvae.
      • These will have been totally ineffective because international research shows canola pollen can travel up to 6 km to infect other canola crops.

  • 2

    (spread emotion)
    his cheerfulness infected everyone around him les contagiaba su alegría a todos los que lo rodeaban
    • everyone was infected with / by the carnival mood todos se habían contagiado de la alegría del carnaval