Translation of infectious in Spanish:


infeccioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈfɛkʃəs//ɪnˈfɛkʃəs/


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    (disease) infeccioso
    (disease) contagioso
    is she still infectious? ¿aún es contagioso lo que tiene?
    • By the way, colds spread through touching infectious surfaces or inhaling viruses.
    • The classic means of protecting persons exposed to infectious diseases is vaccination.
    • Bone lesions from infectious disease or parasitic infection are rare.
    • Dutch botanist Martinus Bijerinck called this infectious fluid contagium vivum fluidum.
    • Glandular fever is an infectious illness that causes swelling of the lymph nodes.
    • Against this background, the emergence of new human infectious diseases or viruses is unsurprising.
    • He was taken to the infectious diseases hospital three days later.
    • Unravelling the genetic and environmental determinants of infectious disease will soon be feasible.
    • There are also some major infectious diseases for which vaccinations have not been developed.
    • A person with glandular fever is most infectious when they have a fever (high temperature).
    • It was thought that close contact with an infected person was needed for the infectious agent to spread from one person to another.
    • Measles is highly infectious and could spread very quickly.
    • Our feeling, however, is that they most likely contain a single infectious capsid.
    • However, the bacteria are not as infectious as the common cold and cannot be spread by casual contact.
    • Clean bathroom surfaces also help prevent the spread of infectious germs.
    • Must my rejected bag secretly be destroyed to prevent the spread of infectious agents?
    • Some of the cheapest meat is stripped by machines and high-pressure jets from the bone, which is likely to be highly infectious in a sick cow.
    • Severe acute respiratory syndrome is highly infectious and potentially lethal.
    • What if I tell myself the rash will go away and it becomes infectious and spreads even further?
    • Those treated can support their families and are likely to be less infectious.
    • However, conjunctivitis caused by the common cold is very infectious and can spread rapidly between people.
    • MPs poured out of the Commons potentially spreading any infectious agent.
    • Molecular biology has had a major impact on medical microbiology and infectious disease.
    • Mumps is highly infectious and spreads rapidly in susceptible people living in close proximity.
    • The cull of a flock of 9,000 pheasants was under way yesterday after confirmation of a highly infectious bird disease.
    • Lyme disease is an infectious illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.
    • This cross sectional survey was not designed to provide direct evidence of transmission of infectious diseases in prison.
    • She was misdiagnosed with gastro-enteritis, and transferred to Castle Hill because it was felt she was infectious.
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    (gaiety/enthusiasm/laughter) contagioso
    (rhythm) pegadizo
    (rhythm) pegajoso River Plate Latin America
    • Not only that, but it's the infectious happiness of the manner, with the very sterile, factual detailing of demise that is the content.
    • He had a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious, hearty laugh.
    • Neville Garden communicated his own infectious enthusiasm, week after week for many years, through his work as a critic.
    • The balance of chilly remove and infectious abandon that Morton conveys adds much to Morvern's allure.
    • She had a warm personality combined with a loud infectious laugh.
    • A most pleasant man, his naturally friendly manner and infectious good humour have made him a popular member of the Ship's Company.
    • His infectious enthusiasm for technology is spread through his weblog.
    • Seeing Chris thrashing around his drum kit made Steven smile and the infectious smile spread to Donnie.
    • Long had he been plagued by an infectious fear of spreading weakness in times that demanded strength.
    • The dog had an infectious energy, a boisterous nature, that spread wherever he bounded.
    • He grinned slowly, an infectious smile that soon spread, spanning ear to ear.
    • His quick wit and absolutely infectious laugh are almost as entertaining as the show itself.
    • Your enthusiasm is infectious; it spreads as rapidly through conversations as it does through bloodlines.
    • It does make you an energetic person, and one who has an infectious and personable manner.
    • Nevertheless, she understands the essence of the formula, and applies it in a manner that is infectious.
    • Poverty is something that is contagious and infectious in our community.
    • Darlene simply had the kind of infectious positive attitude that influenced everyone in her presence.
    • Valencians don't simply watch fireworks - they almost commune with them and the feeling is infectious.
    • The problem is once you fall for the guy with the infectious laugh or the girl that takes your breath away, you have to get them to notice you.
    • The author's enthusiasm and infectious desire to communicate his ideas comes across loud and clear.