Translation of inferior in Spanish:


(de calidad) inferior, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈfɪərɪə//ˌɪnˈfɪriər/


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    • 1.1(of lower quality)

      (product) (de calidad) inferior
      (workmanship) inferior
      of very inferior quality de ínfima calidad
      • she makes me feel inferior me hace sentir inferior
      • inferior to sth/sb inferior a algo/algn
      • Where nets are used, they are mostly of poor quality, providing an inferior barrier against malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
      • For example, an entrepreneur could patent a superior standard and market it in ways that overcome the lock-in of the inferior standard.
      • I came to the conclusion that all the food available in the village was of inferior quality and meant for consumption by the poor with low purchasing power.
      • Four years later, at the age of 21, she had turned her back on the company and on the music industry, claiming that she was being offered inferior material and insufficient career development.
      • Meals offered at the restaurant were of inferior quality and the selection extremely poor.
      • Courtney began outsourcing manufacturing to India and Pakistan, but was disappointed with the inferior quality and poor fit.
      • Although Monaghan did not really test the home team the manager placed more focus on how his team performed and less about the inferior standard of the visitors.
      • Liebowitz and Margolis are skeptical that any convincing claim of path dependent selection of an objectively inferior standard has been established.
      • His efforts also saved countless lives by rooting out contractors using inferior materials and producing shoddy equipment.
      • Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that the uninsured and the poor receive inferior care.
      • More seriously, the lead content in the paint of some inferior toys is much higher than the national standard.
      • It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up to resist every tendency towards flagging under the weight of inferior food substances.
      • Zhang attributed the decline in safety qualifications to price wars that encouraged some firms to reduce standards and begin using inferior materials.
      • This meant that banks, for example, sold only their own products, even though some were inferior and offered poor value.
      • They are copies, made by a bootlegger to low standards using inferior materials.
      • Only a handful of paintings on show in London were of an inferior standard or problematic in some other way.
      • First, because of the public good (positive externality) nature of education, society at large loses from inferior standards of education.
      • If something's been shown to be better, do you stick with the old, inferior standard?
      • ‘The poor think when it's priced cheaply it's of inferior quality and the people who are better off do not want to buy what is meant for the poor,’ Manohar said.
      • The inevitable result will be a diminished standard of living and inferior quality of life for the average American.

    • 1.2(subordinate)

      (status/rank) inferior
      • The only conclusion that I can come up with, is that the quality of the glass in these lenses is now inferior to the glass that I have in mine.
      • Since Eritrean society is still highly influenced by customary principles, the status of women in many communities is inferior to that of men.
      • Of course, China's subs are inferior to our own.
      • Conscripts are usually inferior to volunteers in training, combat qualities, and mental preparation for combat.
      • The situation reminds me of the commonly held view that anything ‘local’ is inferior to that from ‘foreign.’
      • It indicates an institutional sentiment towards women in uniform that they don't belong; that somehow, they're inferior to men in uniform.
      • The thought is that such competition hurts the losers' self-esteem, by proving that they're inferior to some other kid in some specific thing.
      • During wartime, the supply of such non-essential goods as books was curtailed; and Indian bookstores are grossly inferior to London ones in any case.
      • Traditionally, the combat service support forces have occupied a status seen as somewhat inferior to those of the other two categories.
      • Obviously, since it is shielded from the burden of having to please customers or compete in a real marketplace, its quality will be inferior to paid research.
      • Women's status in traditional Chukchi society was clearly inferior to that of men.
      • Maybe New York City refrigerators are inferior to the other larger, more glamorous cooling systems elsewhere that keep milk fresher longer?
      • Even the angels are inferior to man in status and are asked by God to pay obeisance to him.
      • ‘We are not inferior to them in any field,’ was their reaction.
      • I think a world in which governments endorse or aid religion is seriously inferior to one in which government has nothing whatsoever to say about religion.
      • It seems to be a given in this society that they are automatically inferior to their male counterparts, yet nearly all of the modern nations of the world have long since debunked and moved beyond that myth.
      • Its military equipment consists of aging Soviet and Chinese stocks that qualitatively are vastly inferior to both the U.S. and South Korean militaries.
      • Simmons and Torre are clearly inferior to the other ten catchers and would rank 11 th and 12 th, respectively, in my book.
      • Practitioners made it look up-to-date, however, by derisively highlighting the racism, colonialism, sexism and other failings that made past ages so inferior to their own.
      • Buck is hinting that the 45 (short, noisy, desperate for your attention) is inferior to its sophisticated older brother, the long playing album.

    • 1.3Astronomy

      (planet) inferior

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    • The lateral part of the anterior commissure traverses the inferior part of the corpus striatum.
    • The inferior thyroid, and intercostal bronchial, gastric, and phrenic veins provide venous drainage.
    • The first lumbar may provide the inferior phrenic or middle suprarenal.
    • He underwent an excision of a portion of the anterior temporal lobe and inferior temporal gyrus.
    • The most pronounced changes involve the left posterior inferior cerebellar artery.


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    inferior feminine