Translation of inferiority in Spanish:


inferioridad, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˌfɪərɪˈɒrɪti//ɪnˌfɪriˈɔrədi//ɪnˌfɪriˈɑrədi/


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    inferioridad feminine
    inferiority to sth/sb inferioridad frente a/con respecto a algo/algn
    • In the bush, labouring as a mark of social inferiority disappeared.
    • It is an understanding that carried New Zealand to a win when numerical inferiority and English courage suggested it should have been a loss.
    • In a condition of inferiority and objectification, submission is usually essential for survival.
    • However, from this position of avowed inferiority, could I possibly make two tiny observations?
    • As has been suggested, this discourse seems to have arisen out of a sense of weakness or inferiority on the part of the English.
    • At the helm for 11 games, he lost 10, drew one and was responsible for an infestation of inferiority in the dressing room.
    • When the relationship between people and nature is discussed today, it is always humanity that bears the mark of moral inferiority.
    • Nevertheless the imperfection inherent in its inferiority can be overcome as it returns towards its cause.
    • Aspiration for honour and prosperity came to be regarded as a sort of undesirable worldly weaknesses and inferiority of mind.
    • And it's always triggered by a feeling of inferiority and it starts with a sense of failure.
    • Conversely, deprivation produces feelings of inferiority, weakness and helplessness.
    • Nurses assumed this position of unquestioning inferiority both in their actions and their beliefs.
    • Despite their inferiority, York could feel aggrieved about Percy Park's third try which followed a blatantly forward pass.
    • There is probably profound fear or inferiority in her, which could be why she hides herself behind those oversized glasses.
    • He also lamented the existence of attitudes asserting inferiority toward anything from the West within the art world.
    • Still, the sense of inferiority drummed into me from my contact with the internet may well lead me to strive to become a more fully rounded individual.
    • However, it wasn't just physical inferiority that marked us out as different to the current generation of A-level students.
    • But, then again, inferiority depends on where your benchmarks are and with whom you are comparing.
    • One of the central tenets of this ideology is the inherent inferiority and weakness of women.
    • The language of racial inferiority and exclusion was used as unselfconsciously in this debate as it was on the franchise question.