Translation of infidelity in Spanish:


infidelidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnfəˈdɛlədi//ɪnfɪˈdɛlɪti/

nounPlural infidelities

  • 1

    infidelidad feminine
    • Two men were overheard talking about the infidelities of an office Romeo.
    • Sure, there are drugs and infidelities and deviant sexuality, but that's the exception for this otherwise decent lot.
    • Byron's vengeful wife, tired of his infidelities with both men and women, accused him of sleeping with his own sister.
    • But there are also the families that have simply ceased to function, where drugs and boredom and sexual infidelities have taken their toll, and grudges have become intertwined with other things.
    • Converting to Catholicism at the time of his marriage, Greene sought to be true to his vows, yet his numberless, ongoing infidelities and disregard for the institution of the church make one skeptical.
    • My lovely partner, Patrick, suffered the knowledge of my infidelities and witnessed my mental, physical, and spiritual decay.
    • But his lying was about his sexual infidelities, not his activities as President.
    • Incidentally, it appears that women are more inclined to engage in these combined-type infidelities.
    • And once their fairytale officially ended, relations between them became the stuff of Shakespearean drama, with intrigues, infidelities and fights for centre-stage.
    • For Lester though, elevating the infidelities to sexual intimacy or explicitness isn't necessary, or always the most interesting choice.
    • But after the Rubinstein cosmetic line caught on, she would no longer tolerate his once-overlooked infidelities.
    • But having affairs of her own couldn't lessen the pain caused by Rivera's infidelities.
    • Affairs, infidelities, sexual peccadilloes fall generally outside the purview of inquisitive political eyes; at any rate, they do not make for fodder for a dirty election campaign.
    • He knew of all the infidelities and affairs within the family.
    • They rehearse confronting their spouses about the infidelities.
    • Such exploration could be helpful, as it seems natural to conclude that these infidelities have different meanings in relationships and that treatment differs for different categories of infidelity.
    • After her first two failed marriages and her ex-husband's infidelities, she could not go down this road herself.
    • It is further important to ascertain if infidelities are same-sex or opposite-sex relationships, as this might influence meanings of infidelity in relationships.
    • Is this type of behavior likely to lead to future infidelities?
    • However, there are no findings on the influence of parental infidelities on the likelihood of their children engaging in infidelity.
  • 2

    deslealtad feminine
    infidelity to sth/sb deslealtad para con algo/algn
  • 3

    (inaccurate representation)
    falta de fidelidad feminine