Translation of inflight in Spanish:


de a bordo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnflaɪt//ˈɪnflʌɪt/


  • 1

    (services) de a bordo
    (refueling) en vuelo
    • The Imperial Hotel provided the in-flight meal for this flight.
    • The in-flight tracking system will provide operators with precise aircraft position data.
    • Still, some experts say prices will have to come down before in-flight Web use becomes widespread.
    • Those failures led to two in-flight engine shutdowns and the turnback of a third airplane.
    • There will be free standardised meals and limited in-flight entertainment.
    • The first step to mile high web access and email is airlines introducing the third generation of in-flight entertainment systems.
    • His prompt action prevented an inevitable in-flight emergency and further damage to the aircraft.
    • Certainly, one of the most potentially dangerous aspects of winter flying is in-flight icing.
    • You're relieved when you hear your in-flight seatbelt click.
    • The airline also offered Taiwanese songs and movies as in-flight entertainment.
    • For increased range the aircraft is equipped with an in-flight refuelling probe and receptacle.
    • With the new boom in the airline industry and the introduction of many new aircraft, the need for in-flight cabin crew is increasing.
    • An illuminated in-flight refueling probe is installed in the top center line of the fuselage.
    • There was no evidence of an in-flight fire or in-flight structural failure.
    • Menus, amenities, staff uniform, and in-flight entertainment are all new.
    • The comfortable flight included hot meals, bathroom facilities, and in-flight movies.
    • These effects are relevant to dealing with possible in-flight emergencies or aborted flights.
    • Be sure to take the copies with you in case an in-flight decision must be made to divert to another airport for any reason.
    • The aircraft is equipped with an in-flight refuelling probe mounted above and behind the flight deck.
    • If ever you need a program to run in-flight radar tracking on helicopters, he's your man.