Translation of infrasound in Spanish:


infrasonido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnfrəˌsaʊnd//ˈɪnfrəsaʊnd/


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    infrasonido masculine
    • This page presents examples of sounds recorded by a variety of infrasound recording systems.
    • Laser weapons, isotropic radiators, infrasound, non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse generators, and high-power microwave emitters have been mentioned.
    • Loud infrasound in the range of 0.5 to 10 Hz is sufficient to activate the vestibular, or balance system, in the inner ear.
    • When snow rushes down mountains, it pushes air before it and creates infrasound at frequencies below 8 Hz.
    • By using infrasound to attack the gums of the teeth, the invisible personnel can loosen the victim's teeth and cause them drop out.
    • Other research has shown that infrasound around this frequency can cause nausea, fear and panic.
    • It now becomes clear that prolonged exposure to man-made infrasound and ultrasound has similar effects via apparently similar physiological mechanisms.
    • The answer, Zuckerwar explains, is that each one generates silent infrasound - long sound waves at a frequency below 20 hertz.
    • It's clear that elephants, for example, probably use infrasound but it's really difficult to appreciate that or even to measure it because it's not a sensory area which we can really access very readily.
    • In the meantime, I found an interesting story that claims a scientific explanation for ghostly events and feelings of unease - infrasound.
    • As a result, paranormal researchers have been looking for infrasound in haunted locations since.
    • Subsequent field research revealed that infrasound plays a significant role in coordinating complex elephant societies over great distances.
    • The big brother of ultrasound, infrasound means frequencies too low to be heard by the human ear.
    • It is an established fact that sustained low intensity infrasound alters human behavior and health.
    • Animals such as elephants also use infrasound to communicate over long distances or as weapons to repel foes.
    • The feelings that the listeners recorded at the time are in line with anecdotal evidence of experiences in places that have infrasound.
    • This was enough information to encourage us all to unleash infrasound on an audience.
    • Another source of infrasound is the wind passing under a loosely fitting door into an enclosed space.
    • Now infrasound monitoring has re-emerged in importance due to the number of countries that may be capable of developing nuclear weapons.