Translation of infringement in Spanish:


contravención, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈfrɪndʒmənt//ɪnˈfrɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (of law) contravención feminine
    (of law) violación feminine
    (of contract) incumplimiento masculine
    Sport falta feminine
    they admitted infringement of copyright reconocieron no haber respetado los derechos de autor
    • There are too many penalties in the game, and too many for trifling infringements.
    • The gravity and duration of the infringement are to be taken into account in determining the amount of the fine.
    • Any opposition or infringement of the strict work rules resulted in fines which reduced their already minimal take home pay.
    • For those prosecuted under federal copyright law, the punishment for criminal infringement may depend on the value of the copied work.
    • I accept that in such a case, the Court should only find an infringement of Community law, where the Member State's administrative action is manifestly inappropriate.
    • Related to the quality issue are proposals to change the damages awarded for infringement.
    • Earlier in the season, however, Milnthorpe were docked 10 points for an innocent rule infringement, so perhaps the outcome was justified.
    • It has also made suing infringers easier for publishers by permitting suit against the facilitator of copyright infringement.
    • We were warned that the authorities do not take unauthorised access, indeed any infringements, lightly.
    • So it's a diminution of any economic potential as well as infringement on their law.
    • Finally, lawyers presented the accusation before the members of the tribunal, detailing the circumstances of the infringements that had taken place.
    • Criminal proceedings were brought in the United Kingdom for infringement of fisheries legislation.
    • So unless there's direct copying, there is no infringement.
    • To take another example, copyright law forbids vicarious or contributory infringement.
    • The dismemberment is done in visualization only, hence there is no infringement of the rule of conduct.
    • The entire site is protected under law and any infringement will result in legal action being taken against the offender.
    • It is to be noticed, that the order makes no express provision for the event of an infringement of the rule.
    • He therefore pleads that each act by the defendants is an infringement.
    • I have also underlined those features of the claim which are relied on for the allegation of infringement.
    • Prisoners demonstrate the extent to which they are a risk to themselves and others through infringements of prison rules and regulations known as misconducts.
  • 2

    (of rights)
    violación feminine
    • The big problem is that the broader public does not see the RIP Act as an infringement of their personal liberties or rights.
    • More importantly, they are an infringement on the very freedoms that Washington's over-hyped "war on terror" is supposedly being fought to protect.
    • An injury, therefore, which in this respect puts him under any unjust restraint, may be called an infringement of his political rights.
    • Unjustified, or even accidental infringements of the privilege erode the public's confidence in the fairness of the criminal justice system.
    • Protesters complain that this defensive structure is an outrage - an infringement on free speech that will only incite a siege mentality.
    • What constitutes an infringement of privacy or bad taste or a failure to conform to proper standards of decency is very much a matter of personal judgment.
    • He insists doctors do not ask for patients to be tested before they are treated and would consider new rules an infringement of doctors' civil liberties.
    • These critics imply that he harbored excessive and even irrational fears about government infringement on American civil liberties and about encroachments on personal privacy.
    • I thought that was an infringement of my privacy.
    • State laws relating to immigration were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court as infringements of Congress's power to regulate foreign commerce.
    • Most religious groups from all of the communities oppose the restriction on building religious structures and continue to view it as an infringement upon religious freedom.
    • He alleged that the exercise was an infringement on the basic federal structure of the Constitution.
    • Rather the Iraqis have taken the opposite tack, practically flaunting their sanctions-busting activities and denouncing the UN regimen as an unjust infringement on their sovereignty.
    • Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
    • Pure constitutionalist libertarians will say though that any laws are an infringement on rights.
    • The author argues that the new Act is extremely punitive and constitutes a gross infringement of civil liberties.
    • But somehow, preventative medicine gets spun into an infringement on our God-given right to get drunk wherever and whenever we like.
    • It did not see its role as defending universal rights against infringements by the state, but rather, the opposite.
    • I keep to speed limits because I do not see them as an infringement of my civil liberties but as a protection for vulnerable road users.
    • Three families in France have won, on appeal, monetary damages for infringement of their childrens' rights not to have been born.