Translation of ingress in Spanish:


acceso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnˌɡrɛs//ˈɪnɡrɛs/



  • 1

    acceso masculine
    • When I thought something would start within a two-hour window, there was a snowstorm and traffic snarls limiting ingress and closing media access to events.
    • The physician's suggestion to remove one of the toilets and put a sink in its place made for a better and more functional floor plan and significantly improved ingress and egress to the area.
    • The interior was spacious, with easy ingress and adequate access to all buttons, knobs and switches.
    • Some facilities can limit their point of ingress and egress to only one or two entrances.
    • The mission was similar to what we had trained for: night launch, big-wing tanking, rendezvous, ingress, egress, more big-wing tanking, and night recovery.
    • The majority of the offices have been located in linear wings, which offer easy access to cross ventilation, solar control and ingress of natural light.
    • To allow for easy ingress and egress, the passenger side has standard doors while the driver's side has a large electric sliding door.
    • The new location provides guests with improved parking and valet service, and better ingress / egress including improved access from Interstate 70.
    • In the first, navigable waterways fueled endless migrations and the resources to sustain human ingress.
    • I'd gone up the ladder armed with a powerful flashlight to try to determine the point of squirrel ingress.
    • Suicide doors facilitate ingress and egress, and the entire seat can slide forward to extend the cargo capacity behind it.
    • The mission was briefed and flown to hit a KC - 10 tanker over the Persian Gulf, then ingress toward Kuwait City from the southeast for a simulated bomb attack.
    • Railway systems depend on easy ingress and egress at numerous points along the route.
    • Though the entrance is the same, the ingress to the entertainment area is separate from the main living space.
    • And so we're working on plans to create villages on the periphery of the marshes where we can provide quick egress and ingress to go into it and back out.
    • After a period of time in which the dinosaurs could comfortably have spawned, lived, and been eliminated by space aliens, the door opened, and I gained ingress.
    • He petitioned the judge, he said I want the same ingress and egress, the same access to the courtroom, special treatment that they have.
    • He feels there may be resistance, as police don't welcome ingress into the police station as it may expose corruption.
    • This problem arose because the relevant surfaces were not sufficiently protected to prevent such ingress and were not sufficiently accessible at all times to enable them to be cleaned properly on a regular basis.
    • In the end, however, he had gained only ingress, finding it impossible to take along anything beyond the knowledge in his head and the hard-tempered capacities of his body.
    • In fact, most ports are designed for easy ingress and egress.
    • Market Street, between Sauer and Harrison streets, will form part of the square, becoming an underpass, with an ingress, or entrance, in Kort Street and egress, or exit, after Harrison Street.