Translation of inhibit in Spanish:


inhibir, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈhɪbɪt//ɪnˈhɪbɪt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    (hold back)
    (person) inhibir
    (person) cohibir
    (attempt) inhibir
    to inhibit sb from-ing impedirle a algn + inf
    • her shyness inhibited her from saying more su timidez le impidió decir nada más
    • The failures are used as a key to understanding the underlying mental processes that inhibit development.
    • That is totally unnecessary and may inhibit you.
    • But while businesses in other areas highlight finance and skills shortages as factors inhibiting growth, nearly one-third of firms in York and North Yorkshire said inadequate transport infrastructure was a major stumbling block.
    • You could dress it in superhero costumes, fantasize scenarios in which it pulls off epic feats, and use it to help you escape the imaginary constraints that have been inhibiting you lately.
    • But if that apprehension is so severe it inhibits you, forget about it.
    • This chemical is a growth regulator that inhibits the molting process in grasshoppers.
    • Her stammer inhibited her but she had one ace up her sleeve.
    • The federal government stepped in with safety requirements that essentially eliminated the daredevil antics, but didn't inhibit the growth of passenger airlines.
    • Unfortunately, this process is often inhibited by the idea that somehow we are not supposed to make mistakes, that mistakes are bad.
    • Secondly, it inhibits processes of local technological learning essential for development.
    • For example, beet and rape support more biodiversity than maize (which is much taller, inhibiting the growth of weeds beneath).
    • You are easily inhibited by setbacks, and you seek projects that don't require minute accountability.
    • It also can induce an early turn of the hand at the release point, and hinder and inhibit a clean, smooth follow-through.
    • It also inhibits the thickening of grass, which usually happens in September and October.
    • Nor can you allow his prior experience to inhibit you, since it does not put you at a disadvantage in any way that really matters.
    • I can't ice skate on my own, if someone else holds on to me with their little finger I'm fine, I'm definitely inhibited by too much thought.
    • It does inhibit the rusting process, at least for six months or so.
    • Tight ‘influx’ controls were designed to check urban growth and inhibit the development of a black urban working class.
    • Seles still won, but the publicity inhibited her.
    • The size and weight of early equipment, as well as technical difficulties and financial restraints, inhibited the development of radio communications between the wars.
    • It is inhibiting institutional growth and diversification.
    • Public provision of social security assistance could become less important if governments remove policies inhibiting innovation or restraining growth.
    • Many developing nations, on the other, argue that intellectual property rights inhibit economic development by restricting use of existing knowledge.
    • Bluffly outgoing, infallibly at ease in large groups, he seemed inhibited by screen intimacy.
    • Grim-faced, head bowed and muttering to himself, Owen walked straight on, allowing the warm Madrid night to swallow him up along with whatever dark thoughts inhibited him.
    • Moreover, rather than inhibiting her, marriage permits her to yield to passion.
    • Methinks that my fear of not being able to get out again once I did go through inhibited me.
    • None of these problems is critical, but they all act to inhibit the process of renewing Australia's economic infrastructure.
    • My concern remains that an authority like the Restatement inhibits this evolutionary process - though I could be wrong about this.
    • ‘In big companies, there can be a lot of layers that inhibit the creative process,’ she says, explaining her decision to strike out on her own.
    • It merely inhibits him and irritates his dangerous psychological condition.
    • You hope that if he was inhibited at all by Barry's presence then he will feel more free in himself and in his playing.
    • But this failure to take responsibility inhibits the learning process.
    • That one looked like he would like very much to be drunk, but obviously he was inhibited by the presence of his superior officer.
    • This is especially true of environmental issues, whose regulation may require modification of economic policies and be perceived as inhibiting development and growth.
  • 2

    (reaction/growth) inhibir
    • If the restriction enzyme activities were inhibited, the DNA fragment would not be cleaved and should be seen in its original size on the gel.
    • Unlike liquid extracted from other varieties of citrus, grapefruit juice can inhibit enzyme reactions in the gut.
    • Finally inclusion of EDTA in the reaction mixture inhibited the binding reaction suggesting that the divalent cations are essential for this binding activity.
    • Drugs inhibiting the enzyme would prevent cell death, the goal in treating stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.
    • All nerve agents act by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.