Translation of inimitable in Spanish:


inimitable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈnɪmədəb(ə)l//ɪˈnɪmɪtəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    in her own inimitable way en su característico e inimitable estilo
    • There is one member of the wedding party who is not about to be left out of a royal ball: Donkey, voiced by the inimitable Eddie Murphy.
    • Elseware has a good model of what he wants from a group and in his inimitable style went and did it.
    • So too is Wright and his own inimitable version of tough love.
    • Jim, in his usual inimitable way, kept everyone entertained by his repertoire of jokes and stories.
    • He has travelled far and wide in Ireland, the U.K and America and has all kinds of stories to tell in his own inimitable way.
    • The other selections are Corea originals, written in his inimitable style.
    • Written in Jonathan's inimitable style, this book gives a wonderful feel for those exciting times.
    • He is full of inimitable wit, like the bumble bee that flew out of Milligan's shop in High Street with a rasher of bacon in its mouth.
    • He's a diehard loyalist and a campaigner known for his inimitable style.
    • His work may be grounded within a classical base but from there on it achieves an inimitable style.
    • It was a formula almost from the start, and Smith has never strayed from it, but he so completely mastered the approach that he is inimitable.
    • Needless to say, in my own inimitable way these days, I didn't care.
    • Subtle and understated, he acts and shouts his way through scenes with inimitable style.
    • And these were many, written in his much admired and inimitable prose style.
    • This site covers the gamut of financial advice in its own inimitable style.
    • It's written in their inimitable style and has a ton of enthusiasm.
    • With his inimitable style, he started writing plays and short stories.
    • Well, this is the same deal, as record after record is dropped in the boys' own inimitable style.
    • The inimitable Eddie Vee has clocked up more TV appearances than other Elvis impersonators have had burgers.
    • Now we had brief moments of conversation, when I learned much more about this inimitable Peter.