Translation of initiation in Spanish:


iniciación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪˌnɪʃɪˈeɪʃn//ɪˌnɪʃiˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    iniciación feminine
    initiation into sth iniciación en algo
    • before noun initiation ceremony ceremonia iniciática / de iniciación
    • In the olden days when it was the time for initiation your father or brothers would prepare you mentally and otherwise.
    • The actual initiation begins with the herbal bath.
    • Thus there could be no diminution of the Doctrine, nor of initiation, nor of priestly succession through reincarnation, nor of the practice of religion.
    • I stayed up for 24 hours after the initiations, which took all day, then crashed and slept till 7PM.
    • As a person passes through each initiation in the tradition, this knowledge deepens and their abilities and responsibilities grow accordingly.
    • Initiations were held during an annual Grand Medicine Dance in the spring or early fall and lasted from one to five days.
    • The Makonde are world-famous for their woodcarvings, of both human figures for family worship and masks for initiation ceremonies.
    • Harry's first test is an initiation rite intended to reveal Harry's primary characteristics and place him with others of his ilk.
    • So we seek a fuller understanding of Baptism as initiation into a community of faith.
    • If initiation practices do come to light, a school governing body has to take action to prevent this from happening again.
    • Masks take on spiritual meaning after initiation, when children begin to learn the secret language associated with them.
    • He said if the local chief, and not the health department, were allowed to allocate the initiation site, there would be fewer illegal surgeons and schools.
    • On display are two costumes for members of the Order of the Holy Spirit: one for the initiation ceremony, the other for the annual ceremonies.
    • Somehow it seems strangely appropriate that this essay is due at about the same time that I am receiving my initiation into the Coven that I work with.
    • I entered into what I consider to be one of the most serious oaths in my life on the night of my first initiation.
    • Those of you who are in/have been in organized groups which practice initiation ceremonies - how was the experience?
    • Those whom the Goddess rejected as unworthy died in the initiation, accursed and doomed.
    • He urged the society to enhance its initiation ceremonies.
    • It was also the occasion for young men's initiation rites.
    • Of the murders, she said, "I truthfully believe this was an initiation to be in this cult."
  • 2

    (of plan, talks)
    inicio masculine formal
    comienzo masculine
    • On this view, the Commission represents the general interest and has the monopoly over legislative initiation.
    • Stimulation of any of these receptors results in the initiation of a nerve impulse that travels to the central nervous system.
    • The initiation of a review is the responsibility of the administrator's supervisor, who shall tailor the review to the unique aspects of the position.
    • Can we find ways of streamlining the initiation of trials without compromising patient safety?
    • With the substantial number of patients at risk for complications of sleep-disordered breathing increasing, access and "streamlining" initiation of treatment would clearly be advantageous.
    • Moreover, a law is to be enacted for the initiation of criminal procedures against governors and their removal from office.
    • The most recent development in academic programs has been the initiation of the PhD-granting program in Rehabilitation Sciences.
    • In my judgment the phrase should be construed as extending to and embracing such a step, and not limited to the initiation of proceedings in an ordinary court of law.
    • There was advance intelligence that something big would happen the evening before the initiation of the Tet Offensive.
    • The other two internalizing variables, somatic complaints and withdrawal, were not significantly associated with initiation of substance use.
    • The most important of these would be the initiation of a survey to examine the deepening of the harbour channel to a depth five metres below low tide level.
    • Each school principal attended a two-day symposium at the initiation of the project and continued to attend yearly follow up sessions.
    • The resource layer contains protocols that exploit communication and authentication protocols to enable the secure initiation, monitoring, and control of resource-sharing operations.
    • The associations between birth weight, initiation of breast feeding, and paternal occupation were not confounded by each other.
    • In such cases, the government is simply doing its entirely proper, strictly limited job of protecting individual rights from the initiation of physical force.
    • The tests should be performed before initiation of therapy, every 12 weeks for the first year and then every six months.
    • The rosacea lesions had completely cleared within three weeks of abrupt withdrawal of the topical steroid and initiation of antibiotic therapy in 22 percent of the children.
    • Least of all would it be permissible for this Court to intervene in respect of the initiation of proceedings by a House of Parliament against a federal judge.
    • Consequently the products of such genes can be considered as involved in the symbiosis initiation.
    • In a descriptive study, they examined the causes that patients and nurses gave for the initiation of restraint and seclusion.