Translation of inject in Spanish:


inyectar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʒɛkt//ɪnˈdʒɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (drug) inyectar
    to inject sth into sth inyectar algo en algo
    • he injected it into the muscle lo inyectó en el músculo
    • to inject sb with sth inyectar(le) algo a algn
    • he was injected with insulin se le inyectó insulina
    • In the 20th century, physicians administered electroshock therapy or injected high doses of insulin to induce seizures.
    • Intravenous antibiotics are injected directly into the blood, and may also be recommended in rare cases of severe infection.
    • In each case, the drug user had been injecting heroin into subcutaneous tissue.
    • Once the vaccine is injected into a person, the immune system reacts by producing antibodies programmed to attack the dead virus.
    • Methadone is particularly interesting because it's been in decline for many years since the Health Department restricted the sale of larger size syringes used to inject the drug.
    • Today one can just use a needle and syringe to inject a drug into the bloodstream, but other means were needed in the days before hypodermics.
    • At the end of the operation, different drugs are injected by the anaesthetist to reverse the paralysis and the patient then starts to breathe spontaneously.
    • An estimated 1.6 million people inject illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines in the United States.
    • A needle is then introduced between these bones and the special liquid is injected.
    • With immunization, a vaccine is injected into the body.
    • When the physician begins injecting the medication, the patient becomes hysterical with pain.
    • For instance, most vaccines are injected into a muscle, so for a day or two after the injection, that muscle is sore.
    • Using a needle, your doctor injects the drug directly into a muscle, under your skin or into a cancerous area on your skin.
    • In both induction and consolidation, chemotherapy drugs are usually injected directly into a vein.
    • The anaesthetist can then use the cannula to inject anaesthetic or painkilling drugs directly into the epidural space.
    • He became known for using a syringe to inject liquids and wax into blood vessels.
    • During a skin test, a small amount of the drug is injected under your skin.
    • In some cases, it may be necessary for 100 to 250 mcg to be injected slowly into a vein by your doctor instead of injecting the dose into a muscle or under the skin.
    • With time and practice, however, drawing insulin into a syringe and injecting it into your body can become routine and feel less daunting.
    • The procedure is carried out by injecting the flu vaccine between the layers of the skin using a tiny needle, similar to the method used for a tuberculosis skin test.
  • 2

    to inject sth (into sth) inyectar algo (en algo)
    • The graphite line includes an area at the edge of the panel through which air is injected at high pressure.
    • Fiber is injected into the muffler cavity with a clean automated process that insures high accuracy and also low waste.
    • As it suggests on the box, the earpiece works when two millilitres of methanol are injected into its power-up cavity.
    • A polyurethane resin is injected into the cavity.
    • If the exterior walls are not insulated, there are companies that inject insulation into the wall cavities of older homes.
    • The seawater stream into which the combustion gas is injected is under pressure via the head of water exerted by the seawater reservoir.
    • The engine is equipped with the latest third generation common rail system from Delphi, which injects fuel at 1,600 bar pressure.
    • All you do is remove the cartridge and use a syringe to inject ink into the cartridge… then you put the same cartridges back into your printer.
    • The feedstock is injected into a mold cavity using molding machines that are very similar to traditional plastic-injection molders.
    • The carbon dioxide is extracted at the source and is injected into porous rocks deep underground to prevent it escaping into the atmosphere.
    • With the Piezo injectors, working at a pressure of up to 200 bar, the fuel is injected in the direct vicinity of the spark plug and is far more accurately controlled.
    • It injects a rubber mushroom-shaped plug into the holed section, which then expands.
    • Contractors have been injecting the arches with grout in order to strengthen the road and it is thought that a faulty vent caused a build up of pressure leading to the road being ‘pushed up’.
    • The proportioner requires no electricity and operates using water pressure to inject the proper amount of chemical.
  • 3

    to inject sth (into sth) inyectarle algo (a algo)
    • to inject life into the team inyectar(le) vida al equipo
    • In the 16th century an element of drama was injected into these court entertainments.
    • It has yet to be established where this new entity will be based or how much capital has been injected into the enterprise.
    • I sometimes wonder if some of the bitterness that is injected into politics is just a form of demagoguery, an effort to hold onto this group of voters.
    • So what do the fans get from all this money that is injected into the game?
    • Still, patterns change, and a gun has been injected into the mix this time.
    • Under the regulations, proceeds from share sales in the previous three years can't be injected into units to be listed.
    • The prospect of the CPA injecting $18 billion into the still weak Iraqi economy all of a sudden could spark an inflationary spiral.
    • However, given current global market conditions, we would like to reiterate that the Authority stands ready to inject additional market liquidity if the situation so warrants.
    • Albeit in a small way, probably for the first time since the creation of the Federal Reserve System, it has been injected into a presidential campaign.
    • The labourers from the labour hire company, in our submission, are injected into the second company.
    • Something different has been injected into this fight.
    • Companies injecting between 10 million and 40 million leva into a project will be considered third-class investors.
    • Blakeman's party has committed to injecting $8 million more into the arts, with incremental increases each year from here on in.
    • The back and forth banter is a lot of fun and a lot of physical humour has been injected into the game.
    • The council took over the course in Somnes Avenue in June 2001, injecting £167,000 of public money in a bid to turn its finances around.
    • Tourism is Scotland's biggest industry, injecting at least #2.5 billion a year into the economy and employing hundreds of thousands of people.
    • A divisive element had been injected into the movement during its last phase when the British rulers had found that it was not possible for them to hold any longer.
    • US military presence and even greater military aid have boosted Turkey's economy, but Bulgaria is unlikely to gain even a fraction of the small portion the US injects into its neighbour.
    • Over the next 4 years, $2 billion will be injected into education.
    • The group believes that more public health skills should be injected into the process.