Translation of injection in Spanish:


inyección, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n//ɪnˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    inyección feminine
    to give sb an injection ponerle / darle una inyección a algn
    • she had an injection of insulin le pusieron / le dieron una inyección de insulina
    • Woodside, wearing a familiar path in Australian corporate history, needed a huge injection of foreign cash to turn its dream into a reality.
    • The buy-out will give the business a fresh injection of energy and help us move it forward on its strongest footing.
    • Some degree of neck or back pain is common after this operation, but relief can be achieved with pain-killing injections or tablets.
    • Filler injections are used to smooth scarred, wrinkled, or furrowed skin on the face.
    • It also highlighted excessive use of injections and blood transfusions without proper sterilisation.
    • But an amendment was inserted to remove reference to privately-funded city academies and schools that receive extra injections of cash for having a specialism.
    • No longer concerned with long-term economic development, the authority is banking on a fast injection of international cash merely to stay solvent.
    • The vaccine involves a single injection for children under 12 and two injections for teenagers and adults.
    • Your doctor or nurse will give you painkilling tablets or injections to reduce any pain that you have after the operation.
    • While the precise details of the scheme are still to be worked out, Labour sources said the preferred option is for the trusts to receive an initial injection of state cash and then build the prisons using private labour and money.
    • ‘They certainly provide large cash injections for headquarters,’ he says.
    • The company had put forward two proposals and the deadline to vote on the second - involving regular cash injections over the next ten years - expired yesterday.
    • The area is numbed with an injection of local anesthetic.
    • There is no proven benefit to topical ointments, suppositories, or injections of local anesthetic.
    • I think he is one of those managers who got jobs not necessarily because of any real tactical astuteness, but because chairmen felt their club needed a lift or an injection of personality.
    • A fully protective course is three intramuscular injections.
    • The injection of local anesthetic serves as a therapeutic trial and may not provide permanent relief.
    • In most instances, they should not receive intramuscular injections.
    • It shows that, despite the promise of massive cash injections and a public debate, there is still a massive gulf between people's expectations and the reality of diagnosis.
    • It has experienced money problems, needing frequent injections of cash to stay alive.
  • 2fuel injection

    inyección de combustible feminine
  • 3

    (of capital, energy)
    inyección feminine
    • Half the women received magnesium sulfate by injection or infusion in the hospital over about 24 hours, and the rest got a placebo.
    • Biologic treatments may be administered by injection or IV infusion.
    • Iron sucrose should be administered intravenously, directly into the dialysis line, either by slow injection or by infusion.
    • Samples were introduced by gravity injection from 20 cm height for 20 s.
    • Usually they are given by intravenous injection, by infusion pump into a vein or orally.
    • EDITOR We have three comments about Pickup et al's meta-analysis comparing insulin infusion with injection, which may cast a different light on their main conclusion.
    • Primary mesenchyme cells introduced by injection at the animal pole move in a directed manner to their normal positions in the vegetal region.