Translation of injector in Spanish:


inyector, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʒɛktə//ɪnˈdʒɛktər/


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    inyector masculine
    • The fact that new cases in HIV among injectors are now at their lowest levels since the early 1980s is a testimony to the value of these services.
    • In particular, older injectors may bring a range of knowledge and techniques from other drug using experiences to a new practice, such as crack injection.
    • In addition, a more efficient control unit shortens the interval between pre-injection and main injection and the injectors themselves are manufactured to finer tolerances.
    • Almost three-quarters of intravenous drug users who were previously imprisoned reported that they had injected three or more years ago, compared with 36% of injectors among new entrants.
    • Likewise, the use of a nanoscale injector to introduce molecules into a biological cell does no harm to the cell.
    • They are variable volume injectors because they allow the loading of various sample volumes.
    • The doctor put a small vial with a colorless liquid onto an injector and placed the nozzle against her upper arm.
    • In Russia, as of 2004, 80 percent of all HIV cases involved drug injectors, and many of these infections occurred because addicts share contaminated needles.
    • ‘Many injectors in the affected areas of Glasgow have said that their recent supply of heroin has required unusually large amounts of citric acid to be added,’ he said.
    • After all, a little aesthetics might create a stronger desire to keep the injector with them at all times.
    • Figures published earlier this year showed that the number of heterosexual Scots being diagnosed as HIV-positive had risen to record levels, overtaking figures for people in high-risk groups such as homosexuals and drug injectors.
    • Behind every great athlete is a great entourage of massage therapists, doctors, physios, steroid injectors and chiropractors.
    • In their march into Iraq, U.S. Marines discovered Iraqi chemical-biological protection suits and field-syringe injectors filled with a nerve-gas antidote.
    • And basically, people are familiar with these flavor injectors.
    • But if you have the atropine injectors in the same hands of the people who have the nerve gas, they can become offensive, because then the soldiers use nerve gas with relative impunity.
    • The HRB figures show that among new treatment cases, the percentage of injectors had not increased between 1996 and 2000, standing at around a third of users.
    • The positioning and delivery system comprises an injector which is adapted to allow a syringe to be attached and a housing.
    • They may need to carry an epinephrine injector or some other self-administered emergency treatment.
    • The battlefield was littered with atropine injectors used by panicky Iranian troops as an antidote against Iraqi nerve gas attacks.
    • By the end of 2001, about 1 million injectors could be infected.