Translation of inlet in Spanish:


ensenada, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɪnˌlɛt//ˈɪnˌlət//ˈɪnlɛt/


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    (in coastline) ensenada feminine
    (in coastline) entrada feminine
    (of river, sea) brazo masculine
    • They must always be taken into consideration, especially where you are passing channels from ocean inlets, deep creeks or rivers.
    • Hire a boat in Halong City to take you as far from shore as possible, and simply meander among the islands, fjords and inlets.
    • The Asian topmouth gudgeon - notorious for its breeding rates - is already thriving in Britain's lakes and rivers, including inlets to the River Ouse in North Yorkshire.
    • Her two boats worked inshore as beach survey teams carried out preparatory work, including plotting the gradient profile of beaches earmarked for landings as well as mapping river inlets and neighbouring paths.
    • It marks the longest day of the year and is celebrated with bonfires along the country's lakes, rivers, and fjords (narrow inlets of the sea, bordered by steep cliffs).
    • To begin with, they had limited local knowledge of coasts, inlets, harbors, river systems, ports, tides, and water depth.
    • The best day out is a drive south into the desert as far as the Inland Sea, a tidal inlet that forms the border with Saudi Arabia.
    • Thoreau lists Goose Pond, which is an inlet in the Concord River, and White Pond.
    • During migration and winter, they inhabit beaches, mudflats, shallow estuaries, and inlets.
    • She's from Port Fairy, Australia, born along with the town in 1810 when the captain of the cutter Fairy took shelter in a verdant inlet made by a river and fell in love with the place.
    • Dublin, in case we have forgotten, is built on the inlet of a large river and is surrounded by numerous bays and inlets and has a vast well-sheltered harbour.
    • Leaving Plymouth at the head of a small fleet, Hawkyns seized four Spanish ships off the Western Sahara before turning his attention to the more heavily populated estuaries, rivers and inlets to the south.
    • In the east, in complete contrast, there is a dramatic and wildly beautiful rocky coastline broken by a multitude of bays, inlets and sea lochs.
    • It is a land of undulating hills and hollows, dips and drumlins, rivers, inlets, estuaries and lakes, dotted with homes and barns.
    • Cruise through New Zealand's many breathtaking lakes and inlets or catch a whale or dolphin passing by on watching tours.
    • That's because she has traveled many of the nation's lakes, rivers and inlets behind the helm of her 34-foot Silverton, Buy the Hour.
    • Bays, inlets and ocean-flooded river valleys are all examples of estuaries.
    • If you look at a map of the west coast of Norway, the first thing you'll notice is the thousands of inlets, fjords and islands.
    • At the beginning of the Middle Ages, they may have reached as high as 5 in in the center, and they gradually sloped down to the sand and clay soils of the rivers and sea inlets.
    • Born in South Australia in 1857 he grew up in a small wooden cottage on the banks of the American River, an inlet on Kangaroo Island.
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    entrada feminine
    (valve/pipe) (before noun) de admisión
    air/oil/water inlet entrada de aire/petróleo/agua
    • On a calm day, ventilation is mostly achieved by the stack effect, whereby warm air generated by the livestock rises and is expelled through the opening in the roof apex and is replaced by fresh air drawn in at the eave inlets.
    • A shot or two of this in the carburetor air inlet will do wonders.
    • The grille is connected to the shroud of the radiator so it also called as the radiator grille or the radiator air inlet.
    • The container had a gauze-covered air inlet in one wall and a similar outlet in the opposite wall.
    • Staff members should know where shutoff valves are located, how and when to use them, and what to do when outlets and inlets look damaged.
    • Then we see if there are any inlets (building sewer entrances) and place the rings so they will not encumber the sewer's floor operation.
    • The coolant then flows from the inlet to the outlet through many tubes mounted and arranged in a parallel pattern.
    • The cold air inlet to the heating system is the key to efficiency and comfort.
    • Small, round standard fog lamps are tucked into the lower air inlet.
    • When you push the head piece down, the inlet slides below the seal, opening a passage from the inside of the can to the outside.
    • Some of the things that influence range are very subtle, such as poor seals on cooling doors or small pockets of disturbed air around the engine inlets.
    • When lagoon water is irrigated, the suction inlet should be near the bottom.
    • Air was supplied to each inlet via a manifold connected to a 500 mL charcoal filter and continuous duty diaphragm air compressor.
    • The measuring locations can be adjacent an outdoor air inlet, a partial return air inlet, or heating and cooling coils of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit.
    • There is one more drawback that you should be aware of: the vent inlets are all in the bottom of the case and you can block them unintentionally if you put the notebook on your laps.
    • A special air inlet modifies the airflow into the engine, which is mounted atop the fuselage, reducing air turbulence before it reaches the engine inlet.
    • Along one edge we find a flattened area used to mount the push fit fittings and blanked holes for the inlets and outlets.
    • The hardest design problem on the airplane was making the engine air inlet and ejector work properly.
    • The chamber consisted of separate inlets for smoke and fresh air.
    • To heat any given space, the cold air must be removed and circulated through the heater; therefore, the inlet must be ducted so it is on or near the floor.