Translation of innards in Spanish:


tripas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnərdz//ˈɪnədz/

plural noun

  • 1

    tripas feminine informal
    • Trouble is, the counter top has to be taken down to give the gas man access to the innards of the boiler.
    • The electronic innards were just fine, but I broke a plastic stud the frame mounts to.
    • The wallpaper snaked itself in silver and green ribbons across the screen as the mechanical chimes sounded from the innards of the computer.
    • But when you're done you can see the innards of the machine while you use it.
    • Paul felt the electrical heat radiating from the dark pit of its innards.
    • Wear-resistance is good for slides, cylinders of revolvers and innards.
    • Life is short-you can feel it slipping away while you scrabble at the fax machine's innards, ink cartridge in hand.
    • Each had a Pulsarian engineer working its innards from beneath the craft.
    • If anything, it would serve only to knock something in its electronic innards loose.
    • He had a special key to do this and only he was allowed to fiddle with the innards of the machines.
    • Its electronic innards were designed by engineers in Waukesha, in Hino, Japan, and Buc, France.
    • The booklet gives you a run-down on the innards of your car engine and at the end, there is a test for your ‘automobile IQ’.
    • The strings drone and yawn as if they were the innards of some great machine that makes everything turn.
    • However, it is those same batteries that can do untold damage to the electronic innards of today's cameras.
    • It was a magnificent machine - black and heavy with cast-steel innards, nothing plastic there.
    • The wedge-shaped pride of the Imperial fleet will be build out of aluminium, so we'd suggest that it just has to contain the innards of a Power Mac G5.
    • The Cord Company was so short of time to get to the Motor Show, they managed to produce 100 cars for shows, but none of them had any innards in the gearboxes.
    • He took his laser pencils and disassembled the camera's innards.
    • To get this kind of software up and running you have to get your fingers dirty, messing with the innards of Internet servers.
    • Halfway between the wrist and the elbow, some of the android's metallic innards could be seen.